Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) standard test unit fee is $9.95 per test. Volume testing discounts are awarded to departments, agencies and groups that administer 500 or more tests a year. This volume discounted test unit fee is $9.00 per test. Statewide testing contracts are assigned a discounted fee of $7.00 per test. Volume discounts established with BDS also apply to our Internet testing program

Test discounts are also available to members of professional associations that cross-link their website with BDS' website. Many professional associations do not endorse tests, and that's OK. Cross-linking our websites simply acknowledges that the professional association is aware of BDS tests. When cross-linked, professional association members are then eligible for a an $8.00 per test unit fee. This discounted $8.00 fee represents a substantial discount.


Some testing companies employ a la carte billing, which can be deceptive. When all other test-related costs are added, a test's "cost" might be much more expensive than originally represented. BDS incorporates the following items and services into its one and only test unit fee.
  • Test applications
  • Test booklets
  • Training manuals
  • Staff training
  • Test upgrades
  • Database research
  • Annual Summary Reports
  • Volume discounts
  • Reliable, valid tests
  • Support services
  • Truthfulness Scales
  • English & Spanish
  • Scanner scoring
  • Human Voice Audio
  • Internet testing
  • Test restandardization
  • four administration options
  • Empirically based

BDS discounts also apply to its internet (online) testing program

In summary, BDS offers four test administration options, free consultation service, free tutorials and more. BDS has only one test-related cost, and that is the test unit fee. BDS has no startup fees or concealed costs. And BDS offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more test and/or cost information, call 1(602) 234-3506 or e-mail BDS' website is

NOTE: Barring a national catastrophe, once our test unit fee is established - it does not change. Consequently, price changes do not apply to established or current clients.

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