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Free Examination Kit

Free Examination Kit

Upon request, a one-test examination kit is available to interested parties on a 30-day cost free basis. All Behavior Data Systems (BDS) tests are available in examination kits; however, test users are limited to one examination kit at a time. Provision of additional examination kits is decided on a case-by-case basis. Examination kits are in Windows format.

Examination kits contain
• One-test demo diskette
• Reusable test booklet
• Answer sheet (photocopy)
• Training Manual
• Descriptive Material
• Example test report
• Installation CD

Examination Kit Request
To review an examination kit, please complete the online request form provided below. To provide an examination kit to interested parties, we need a fully completed request form. We also need your e-mail address to convey andy future update information.

Name: Organization: Address: City: State/Province: Zip Code: Country: E-mail: Phone: Fax:
Test Selection
Please select which test you are interested in from the dropdown box below. You can request one test's examination kit for a 30-day period. Demonstration diskettes and test booklets must be returned within 30 days of their receipt.


Enter any comments in the space provided.

All Tests Copyrighted © by Behavior Data Systems, Ltd.

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