Free Examination Kit

If someone is interested, they can ask for a special kit called an "Examination Kit". This kit is meant to let people try out a test without having to pay for it for the first 30 days. This company, Behavior Data Systems (BDS), offers many tests, and all of them can be tried out using these kits. However, if you want one, you can only get one kit at a time. If you're thinking of getting more than one, then the company will decide if you can have it, and that decision will be made based on your particular situation. All the content in the kit is designed to be used on Windows computers.

What's in the Examination Kit?

  • One-test demo diskette: This is probably a digital disk that has a sample or demonstration of the test you're interested in.

  • Reusable test booklet: This is a physical booklet you can use to take the test or understand how it works.

  • Answer sheet (photocopy): Here you can write down your answers when taking the test.

  • Training Manual: A guide or manual that explains how the test works.

  • Descriptive Material: Some more information about the test.

  • Example test report: This shows you what a completed test report might look like.

  • Installation CD: A disc that probably contains software or additional materials related to the test.

How to Get the Examination Kit?

If you're thinking of checking out this kit, there's an online form you need to fill out. The company needs this form completely filled so they know where to send the kit. They also want your email address so that they can send you any updates in the future.

Choosing Your Test

Below the form, there's a dropdown box. Here, you can pick the test you're interested in. Remember, you can only ask for one test kit to try out for 30 days. After you've tried it, you need to send back the demonstration diskette and the test booklet within those 30 days.