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How To Order Tests


This webpage explains how tests can be ordered from Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS). If you are an established customer and have a Behavior Data Systems account with an assigned account ID number, you can order by letter, telephone (602) 234-3506, fax (602) 266-8227 or e-mail. You could also complete this online order form and submit it to Behavior Data Systems.

If you are a new Behavior Data Systems client or customer and this is your first test order, you should read the "Instructions for New Customers" on the New Client page before placing your first order. So, if this is your first Behavior Data Systems test order, click on the New Client link.


Instructions for Current Customers

Current or established customers can complete the online form or order form that is set forth below. The following step-by-step instructions will assist you in completing the order form. Order Form

Enter your customer ID. Your customer ID is on your last invoice statement. By entering your customer ID, you do not need to fill in your name, agency, address, or telephone number.

If you do not have your customer ID readily available, leave the Customer ID field blank, but then fill in your name, agency, address, and telephone number.

Behavior Data Systems requests your e-mail address so that we can convey any update information to you in the future.

Select the test(s) you would like to order from the drop-down boxes, which are available below.

Enter the number of diskettes or flash drives you need to order.

Check whether you want 25 or 50 tests per diskette or flash drive.

If you are unsure whether or not the test you are ordering has the flash drive feature, please call Behavior Data Systems at (602) 234-3506.

Click the Submit button.

If for whatever reason these instructions don't meet your needs, contact Behavior Data Systems to place your order. Our telephone number is (602) 234-3506., our fax number is (602) 266-8227., and our e-mail address is And just to be safe, if you don't receive your order within seven working days, call Behavior Data Systems.

* Required Fields ORDER FORM:

Customer ID:*

If your customer ID is not readily available, complete the following: Name:* Agency: Address: City: State or Province: Zip Code: Telephone: E-mail:* ORDER:

#1 Test Name *

3½ Diskette or Flash Drive*

Diskette Flash Drive Tests Per Disk/Flash Drive*

25 Tests 50 Tests # of Disks or Flash Drives *

#2 Test Name

3½ Diskette or Flash Drive

Diskette Flash Drive

Tests Per Disk/Flash Drive

25 Tests 50 Tests # of Disks/Flash Drives

When you input your customer ID, you do not need to fill in your name, agency, address, or telephone number.

When you click on "Submit," your order is automatically e-mailed to Behavior Data Systems.

* * * * *

Additional information can be provided upon request by writing: Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. P.O. Box 44256 Phoenix, Arizona 85064-4256.

Our telephone number is (602) 234-3506 Our fax number is (602) 266-8227 and our e-mail address is

Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. Copyright © 2007. All Rights Reserved

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