How To Proceed

Tests Alphabetically Listed: Visitors that know the name of the test they are looking for can click on the Juvenile Tests Alphabetically listed link and scroll down the list of tests until they come to the test they are searching for. Clicking on a test name takes you to that test's webpage, which describes the test, presents an example report and links to the test's "Training Manual" and research.

Tests Functionally Grouped: Visitors that do not have a test's name can begin their test search by clicking on the Juvenile Tests Functionally Grouped webpage link. Tests are grouped according to their function or purpose. Test groups include intake programs, counseling, outpatients, inpatients, defendants, probationers, inmates (prisons), etc. Specialty groups include anger management, substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse, gambler addiction, suicide screening, courts, drug courts, domestic violence perpetrators, sex offenders, treatment intake and counseling and treatment outcome.

Automated Testing
Our automated tests can be administered using the paper-pencil test booklet format. Test users can then, at their convenience, enter the answer sheet responses into their computer for scoring and printing reports within two to three minutes. Our automated tests can also be administered and scored directly on the computer. When the 25 or 50 tests on a diskette are used, the clients' names are deleted with a few keystrokes (HIPAA compliant) and the used diskettes are returned to Behavior Data Systems (BDS) for ongoing research.
Unique Test Features
Behavior Data Systems (BDS) develops, standardizes and publishes automated (computer scored) tests for a variety of different assessment purposes. BDS' test menu consists of over 40 adult and juvenile assessment instruments. All BDS tests have a built-in Truthfulness Scale that measures how truthful the client/patient/offender was while completing the test. Another distinctive BDS test feature is the tests' multiple scales. Each scale (measure) represents an area of inquiry. It is each test's scales that define that test's scope and purpose. That is why each test's scales are listed in the following test descriptions. It is a test's scales (measures) that obtain information relevant to the test assessment purpose.
Selecting a Juvenile Test
Behavior Data Systems' (BDS) website is designed to assist evaluators, assessors or screeners in finding tests that will best meet their assessment needs. To make test searches easier, BDS has organized its tests into different alphabetized lists.