Cash Bandits Slots

Cash bandits is a game based on cops and robbers. It brings that extra childhood nostalgic quality for myself as I played this game often with my friends as a kid. This progressive video slot game offers five reels and twenty-five pay-lines similar to the online mobile casino games Real Time Gaming usually offers. It has the same standard quality you would expect from them. Real time gaming software always does an excellent job at delivering a fun and creative way to bet and win. Like most RTG's you can customize how much you are willing to bet which ranges from 0.25 to 1.25. You can select how many lines you are willing to bet.

Landing 3 or more police symbols trigger the free spins feature

With that you are in a number pick bonus feature. Three, four or five scatters will give you five, six or seven picks 6 or 7 picks. You choose between numbers ranging from zero to nine. With that you unlock four different vaults to get free spins and multipliers

Another game feature is landing three or more scatters award as ell as extra spins.

You trigger this by getting three scatters which is either a cop or robber symbol. After triggering the feature you will be getting five, six, or eight free spins depending on how much scatters you win!

The vault door is the wild symbol in Cash Bandits. So be looking for the cash vault like you yourself are the robber! Hitting several of those vaults will offer you the best prizes. Do your best to unlock as many vaults as possible. At first, you will receive five free spins, but you definitely can win more free spins by cracking codes. The max number of free spins players can win by cracking the code is 50 with six prizes - an amazing opportunity to win big!

The game design features a police officer in sunglasses, mid-calling for backup. A megaphone presumably used by the police officer to call in to the robbers during a cliche heist scene. A shining golden bank freshly broken into bank with money flying around it, Cops and Robbers icon. A delicious sprinkle covered donut a cop has likely just taken a bite out of. Valuable colored jewels. A shiny pair of steel handcuffs just dying to grasp themselves around someone's hands, a big fat golden bag of overflowing cash that's splitting open presumably ripped during the intense struggle. The robber icon is animated so the robber himself looks stressed, confused and likely not very bright. There's also a shiny expensive red car that I'm thinking is the robber's get away car. The graphics are well drawn and creative. I think the background is the place where the chase is happening between the cops and robbers. The spins were fast and attacking, the blinding graphics were well done and the "WILD" icon makes it obvious when you're looking to win big. When I played it in demo mode I won an imaginary lot, which almost made me want to play for real and collect my income from the fun slot game. Overall, to summarize the game I found is to be fun, profitable, creative and a great throwback to my childhood imagination and the world of cops and robbers. I'm sure you like me remember it was one of the most fun games to play in groups as a child and I thought it was an excellent theme choice. RTG's has yet to disappoint me with the fairness of their virtual slots. The colors were bold and attention grabbing. The theme was stellar and a great idea. It made me feel like I was getting away with something while playing it!