This website, , describes four tests (Defendant Questionnaire; Sexual Adjustment Inventory; Adult Pretrial Test; Adult Pre-sentence Evaluation), presents their example reports and provides navigational links to topics like cost, test comparison checklists, free 2-test Examination Kits and how these tests can be ordered.


This “anger management” test site presents and discusses two adult anger management tests (the Defendant Questionnaire and the Domestic Violence Inventory) and two juvenile anger management tests (the ACDI-Corrections Version II and the DVI-Juvenile). For more information, visit


This site, , is intended to provide “test search” assistance. It identifies Risk & Needs tests by name and function, concisely describes each and links each test to that test's Risk & Needs site webpage. This direct link procedure is fast and makes a lot of test-related information available.

ASWEXLER.COM (Arnie & Sheila Wexler Associates)

This site, , is intended to provide information and assistance to proffesional services and people who need help with problem gambling.

BDSLTD.COM (Behavior Data Systems) is Behavior Data Systems' (BDS) website. BDS is an automated self-report (computer scored tests with reports printed on-site) assessment instrument or test publishing company. BDS’s tests are used throughout the United States and some Canadian provinces. BDS markets over 36 adult and juvenile tests in evaluation, counseling, treatment, court, probation and corrections settings.


This website,, is devoted to a discussion of the Self-Audit (SA) test. The nine Self Audit scale (measures are explained, its research is discussed and unique Self Audit test features are presented. Convenience links then make important Self Audit information readily available.


The website contains information on four different domestic violence tests. These four tests are: 1. Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI), 2. DVI-Short Form, 3. DVI-Juvenile, and 4. DVI Pre-Post.


This website presents 3 driver-related tests. They are 1. Driver Risk Inventory-II, 2. DRI-II Short Form, and 3. Reinstatement Review Inventory-II. Each test is discussed and you are given the opportunity to review their unique features along with each tests example reports. For more information visit


The Gambler Addiction Index (GAI) is a test specifically designed for gambler assessment. The GAI has been updated to include the DSM-IV Gambling Scale and a Gambler Severity Scale, if you’re interested in problem gambler assessment visit


The Illinois Council on Problem Gambling (ICPG), an affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling, is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization registered with the State of Illinois.

JUVENILE-COURT-TESTS.COM discusses four troubled youth assessment instruments or tests. The ACDI-Corrections Version II, Sexual Adjustment Inventory-Juvenile, Juvenile Pretrial Test and the Juvenile Pre-sentence Evaluation are discussed along with their unique features, research, example reports, etc.

ONLINE-TESTING.COM is an internet testing platform. This “online testing” or “internet testing” platform allows you to purchase tests, administer and score them online and then print their test report over the internet while in your office. Register and receive one free internet administration of the test of your choice.


The Prison Inmate Inventory (PII) is specifically designed for inmate (male and female) assessment. PII reports help determine inmate risk, establish supervision levels, substantiate inmate need, validates inmate readiness for status and classification changes as well as release. This website, , presents and discusses the PII.


The purpose of this website, , is to acquaint you with some of the assessment tests offered by Behavior Data Systems (BDS) and to show you where you can get more information. It is not the intent of this website to explain these tests in detail, only link you to detailed test-related information on the BDS website

RISKANDNEEDS.COM (Risk & Needs Assessment, Inc.)

Come explore the state-of-the-art in computer assessment. You’ll find cutting edge technology developed by Risk & Needs. As you investigate the Risk & Needs’ website, you’ll uncover the latest in evaluation technologies, receive information on current and new tests, and obtain a valuable product discount for visiting our website,


The Sexual Adjustment Inventory (SAI) and SAI-Juvenile are automated (computer scored) sex offender assessment or screening tests. They are designed for courts, probation departments, corrections programs as well as sex offender counseling and treatment programs. They identify sexually deviate and paraphiliac behavior in people (adults and juveniles) accused or convicted of sexual offenses. For more information visit


Searching for a test that will meet your needs can be very time consuming and frustrating. One of the purposes of this website, , is to introduce Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. tests. This site is designed for people interested in testing and lists over 30 automated (computer scored) assessment instruments or tests.


The website discusses several specific adult and juvenile violence-lethality assessment instruments or tests. Violence has been referred to as physical force intended to cause injury, damage or destruction. It ranges from pushing, shoving and hitting to battering. Violence can be lethal or deadly. And extremely violent people are a danger to themselves and others.