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The GAI assesses client truthfulness, gambling involvement, suicide ideation, substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse, along with the client's attitude (positive or negative) and stress handling abilities. These seven scales help in our understanding of gamblers of the three-page GAI report begins with the gambler's name and some basic demographics. The GAI profile sets forth the GAI scales, the client's attained scale scores and a graphic representation of these scores. This graph summarizes client scores quickly, usually with little more than a glance. Then, some basic self-reported court history is presented. Page one concludes with a reproduction of all the client's answers, which facilitates identification of answers to specific items.

Gambler Addiction Index

*********************** NAME OR ID# : Example Report CONFIDENTIAL REPORT AGE: 33 SEX : Male ETHNICITY/RACE : Caucasian EDUCATION/GRADE : High school graduate MARITAL STATUS : Married DATE GAI SCORED : 12/11/2006 GAI results are confidential and should be considered working hypothe- ses. No diagnosis or decision should be based solely upon GAI results. The GAI is to be used in conjunction with experienced staff judgment. MEASURES %ile GAI PROFILE -------- ---- +---------------+-----------+-------+---+ - LOW RISK - MEDIUM -PROBLEM-MAX- - - - - - TRUTHFULNESS 44 *********************.......-.......-...- - - - GAMBLER SEVERITY 72 ******************************......-...- ALCOHOL 88 ***********************************.-...- DRUGS 42 ******************..........-.......-...- SUICIDE 73 *******************************.....-...- STRESS COPING 68 ***************************.- - - +---------------+-----------+-------+---+ 0 40 70 90 100 ----------- PERCENTILE SCORES ----------- DSM-IV GAMBLING SCALE CLASSIFICATION: Social Gambler ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PROVIDED BY CLIENT ----------------------------------------- Total number of arrests...... 2 Alcohol-related arrests......... 2 Times on probation........... 1 Drug-related arrests............ 0 Probation revocations........ 0 # of months employed past year.. 12 Jail sentences............... 0 Average times gambling per month..1 GAI RESPONSES (GAI TEST # 1) ------------- 1- 50 FTTTFTFTTT TFFTTFFFTF FTFTTTFTTF FFFTFFFTFT TFTTFFTFTF 51-100 TFFFTFFFFF TFFFFFFTFF TFFFTFTFFF FFTFTFFFFT FTTFFFFFFF 101-150 FTFFFFFFTF FTTFTFFFTF FFFTTTF321 2122212312 1222221212 151-166 2222222232 322442 Behavior Data Systems, Ltd., P.O. Box 44256, Phoenix, AZ 85064-4256 SQ Copyright(c)1982,GAI Copyright(c)1997,2004 GAI Software Copyright(c)1997. 2005.

The second page of the GAI report presents scale paragraphs for the Truthfulness, Attitude, Gambler, Alcohol, Drugs and Suicide Scales. Each paragraph identifies the scale it represents, gives its attained score, explains what that score means and offers score-related recommendations. NAME: Example Report -2- GAI REPORT * * SUMMARY PARAGRAPHS EXPLAINING CLIENT'S ATTAINED SCALE SCORES * * -------------------------------------------------------------------- TRUTHFULNESS SCALE: MEDIUM RISK RANGE RISK PERCENTILE:44 This client's score on the Truthfulness Scale is in the Medium Risk (40 to 69th percentile) range. This is an accurate GAI profile. However, there is a tendency for this person to deny common problems and to portray self in an overly favorable light. Specific questions will usually be answered more accurately than open ended or general type questions. This client has adequate reading skills. This is an accurate profile and other GAI scale scores are accurate. SCALE SOCIAL GAMBLER This client admitted to one or two of the 10 DSM-IV pathological gambling criteria. The GAI initiated a one or two criteria admissions “social gambler” classification. The terms “problem gambler” (3 or 4 criteria) and “pathological gambler” ( 5 or more criteria) do not apply in this 10 criteria DSM-IV categorization. The gambler admitted to 1 or 2 of the DSM-IV’s criteria. Problem “severity” takes precedence over classification so review the GAI Gambler Severity Scale. This client manifests “social gambler” features. GAMBLER SEVERITY SCALE: PROBLEM RISK RANGE RISK PERCENTILE:72 This gambler scored in the Problem Risk (70 to 89th percentile) range. Problem Risk scorers are often in the early stages of problematic gambling. Carefully review any other elevated (70th percentile or higher) GAI scale scores. Pay particular attention to the Alcohol Scale, Drugs Scale and Suicide Scale. This individual manifests gambling-related problems. A definite pattern of gambler-related admissions is needed to attain this score. Gambler’s Anonymous (GA) or counseling (individual or group) should be considered. ALCOHOL SCALE: PROBLEM RISK RANGE RISK PERCENTILE:88 This person's Alcohol Scale score is in the Problem Risk (70 to 89th percentile) range. Alcohol (beer, wine or liquor) problems are indicated. Either this client has a drinking problem or is a recovering (alcohol problem, but has stopped drinking) alcoholic. A pattern of alcohol abuse is evident. Relapse is possible. Alcohol- related counseling (or treatment) and/or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) participation are recommended. This is a problem risk Alcohol Scale score. score on the Drugs Scale is in the Medium Risk (40 to 69th percentile) range. Some indicators of drug use are present, however, an established pattern of drug abuse is not evident. Drug- related problems are not likely and not focal issues. Participation in an educational (alcohol and other drug abuse) program might be considered. Interview to establish this client's history and pattern of drug involvement. This is a medium risk Drugs Scale score. SUICIDE SCALE: PROBLEM RISK RANGE RISK PERCENTILE:73 scored in the Problem Risk (70 to 89th percentile) range. Any suicidal threats or suicidal ruminations or suicidal ideation should be taken seriously. In interview explore any sense of depriva- tion of affection and love, feelings of rejection or hopelessness, The third page of the GAI report completes the Suicide Scale paragraph then continues with the Stress Coping Abilities Scale paragraph. Significant items (direct admissions and unusual answers) are set forth for the Alcohol, Drugs, Attitude, Gambler and Suicide Scales. A concise (items 159 through 166) structured interview follows. These items are multiple choice, and the answer selected by the client is printed in the report. Page 3 concludes with space for staff observations, recommendations, signature and the date of the assessment. Report -3- GAI REPORT desperation, serious financial losses or chronic pain. Substance (alcohol or drugs) abuse or impaired stress coping abilities can exacerbate suicidal ideation. Consider referring this person for counseling(individual or group). This is a problem risk score. STRESS COPING SCALE: MEDIUM RISK RANGE RISK PERCENTILE:73 Stress coping abilities are not well established. Stress is likely a focal area of concern. This person is not coping effectively with stress, tension, anxiety or pressure. Symptoms of stress include irritability, depression, marital/family problems, impaired concentra- tion and in some cases even substance abuse. Stress is contributing to emotional and adjustment problems. This is a problem risk Stress Coping Abilities Scale score. SIGNIFICANT ITEMS: Answers are either client self-admissions or unusual responses that should be explored within the context of the client's lifestyle. ALCOHOL DRUGS ------- ----- 3. Is concerned about drinking No significant items were 15. Drinking caused social problms reported for this scale. 57. Missed work due to drinking SEVERITY SUICIDE -------- -------- 71. Told gambling ruining life 48. States “Nobody cares about me” 112. Can't stop gambling 111. Loneliness becoming unbearable STRUCTURED INTERVIEW: Client's answers with all their biases (items 159 through 166) reflect the respondent's attitude and outlook. 159.Gambling: a slight problem 160.Drinking: moderate problem 161. Drug use: a slight problem 162. May need gambling treatment 163. May need alcohol treatment 164. No need for drug treatment 165. Not a recovering person 166. 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