Selecting a Screening test for Gamblers

If you are selecting a gambler assessment instrument, the following Comparison Checklist should prove helpful. It lists important screening test qualities. The "Other" column represents any other test you might want to compare to the GAI.

Designed Specifically for Gambler Evaluation Yes  
Test Reliability and Validity Research Provided Yes  
A Test, Not an Interview Procedure Yes  
Test Completed in 35 Minutes Yes  
On-Site Reports Printed within 3 Minutes Yes  
Truthfulness Scale to Detect Faking Yes  
Truth-Corrected Scores for Accuracy Yes  
Four Test Administration Options Yes  
     1. Paper-Pencil (English and Spanish) Yes  
     2. On Computer Screen (English and Spanish) Yes  
     3. Human Voice Audio (English and Spanish) Yes  
     4. Internet testing at Yes  
Gambler Severity Scale Quantifies Gambling Involvement Yes  
Suicide Scale Establishes Probability of Suicide Yes  
Alcohol Scale Measures Severity of Drinking Yes  
Drugs Scale Measures Severity of Drug Use Yes  
DSM-IV Gambling Scale utilizes DSM-IV Criteria Yes  
DSM-IV Gambling Scale Identifies Pathological Gamblers Yes  
Stress Coping Abilities Scale Measures Emotional Problems Yes  
Delete Client Names (Insures Confidentiality) Yes  
ASAM Compatible and HIPPA Compliant Yes  
Test Data Input Verification (Insures Accuracy) Yes  
Available in English and Spanish Yes  
Built-in Database at No Additional Cost Yes  
Annual Database Summary Report (Free) Yes  
Available in MS-DOS and Windows Yes  
Easily Understood Reports Yes  
Meaningful Score-Related Recommendations Yes  
More Than Just Another Alcohol or Drug Test Yes  
Staff Training (Free) Yes  
Examination Kits (Free) Yes  
Automated Criminogenic Structured Interview (Free) Yes  
Thirty-Day Money Back Guarantee Yes  
Very Affordable Test Unit Fee Yes