Test Comparison Checklist

Some testing companies employ à la carte billing, which can be deceptive and expensive when all their test-related costs are added up. Here, we are referring to the following items and services being separately billed:

þTest applicationsþTest upgradesþVolume discounts
þTest bookletsþDatabase researchþScanner scoring
þTraining manualsþSupport servicesþAnnual summary reports
þStaff trainingþTest standardizationþLocal standardization

And, that's not counting offering three test administration modes, consultation, report individualization, training tutorials and more. Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) only charges the one test unit fee. Everything else is included in that test unit fee. All Behavior Data Systems tests are available in English and Spanish. Behavior Data Systems tests can be administered in paper-pencil format, on the computer screen and in computer-generated human voice audio.



The following information onBehavior Data Systems' (BDS')

test unit fees are provided for your review. The standard BDS test unit fee is $8.00 per test. Diskettes contain 25 or 50 tests. Volume discounts are available.

Volume Discounts:

If you administer 1,000 to 5,000 tests a year, the test unit fee is $7.50 per test. Users administering 5,001 to 15,000 tests a year are given the volume discounted test unit fee of $7.00 per test. Users administering 15,001 to 20,000 tests a year are given the volume discounted price of $6.00 per test. The test unit fee for more than 20,000 tests a year is $5.50 per test. The test unit fee for statewide contracts is $5.00 per test.

The exceptions:There are two exceptions to the above test unit fees, and these involve the Pre-Post Inventory and the DVI Pre-Post. Both of these tests provide a pre-post test comparison. The pretest fee for these outcome tests is $5.00 and the posttest fee is $5.00 per test.

Only The One Charge:

There is only the one cost or charge, and that is the test unit fee (United States currency). Everything else is included at no additional cost to the user. This includes test booklets, answer sheets (can be photocopied on-site), Orientation and Training Manuals, Computer Operating Guides, One-Page Quick Start, upgrades, ongoing database research, annual summary reports, staff training (high volume and/or statewide contracts) and support services, which are provided at no additional cost. There are no concealed costs and no startup fees. We're so sure you'll like

Behavior Data Systems' tests that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Explanation of Terms:The Orientation and Training Manual is a must read for anybody that will be involved in using tests with clients. This manual explains how the test works. The Computer Operating Guide is a more detailed explanation of the computer scoring process and how to print reports. The One-Page Quick Start contains all computer operating instructions on one page. It is a ready reference.

As always, additional information can be provided upon request.

Telephone number: 1 (602) 23


Fax number:(602) 266-8227

E-mail address: bds@bdsltd.com


Behavior Data Systems, Ltd., P.O. Box 44256, Phoenix, Arizona 85064-4256



All Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) test users sign a Behavior Data Systems Agreement before they can use Behavior Data Systems tests. The Behavior Data Systems User Agreement is presented below for your review. It should be understood that some departments and statewide organizations use more comprehensive testing program agreements, and they are used where applicable.

Instructions for printing the Behavior Data Systems User Agreement

are provided below the following agreement.



ORGANIZATION NAME: ____________________________________________________

CONTACT PERSON:___________________________ TITLE: ______________________

ADDRESS: _________________________ _______________ _______ _________

Street Address City State Zip

TELEPHONE: (_____ )__________________ FAX: (_____ )____________________

E-MAIL: _______________________________________ WEBSITE:__________________


1. It is specifically acknowledged that all Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) products, including tests, diskettes and software programs are copyrighted and ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED.

2. Behavior Data Systems software programs contained on Behavior Data Systems diskettes are copyrighted and must not be copied or loaded on a hard drive or mainframe computer equipment without written permission from Behavior Data Systems.

3. Behavior Data Systems diskettes shall remain the property of Behavior Data Systems and shall be returned to Behavior Data Systems when used, damaged or recalled.

4. Damaged diskettes or malfunctioning diskettes shall be replaced within a 30-day warranty period and unused test applications shall be credited to the client account. Unused test credits are valid for one year. No other warranties are expressed or implied.

5. The test unit fee of $_________ U.S. currency per-test application applies throughout the duration of this agreement. Payment shall be made directly to Behavior Data Systems within 30 days of receipt of ordered materials, unless other arrangements have been made.

6. All Behavior Data Systems tests are to be used in conjunction with an interview of the respondent by experienced staff. And, no decision or diagnosis is to be made solely on the basis of Behavior Data Systems tests results.

7. This Behavior Data Systems agreement is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to any third party.

8. In no event will Behavior Data Systems, its owners or officers be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages arising out of the Responsible Party's use or failure to use Behavior Data Systems products, beyond replacement of defective, damaged or recalled diskettes.

My signature certifies my understanding, agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement. By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the provisions contained herein, and that I agree to be bound thereby.

Behavior Data Systems diskettes are to be returned when used or after they have been on-site for one year. This is because Behavior Data Systems assessment instruments are updated annually


_____________________________________ __________________

Signature Date


Date Received by BDS

A properly signed and executed agreement is necessary to use Behavior Data Systems products and tests.Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. P.O. Box 44256, Phoenix, Arizona 85064-4256

Some Behavior Data Systems website visitors will want to print a copy of the above User Agreement so they can complete it and fax it (or mail it) to Behavior Data Systems. To make this printing task easier, we have included some printing instructions.

Instructions for Printing the Behavior Data Systems User Agreement

  1. Be sure your printer is on and has paper.
  2. Click on the Print

    Client User Agreementbutton below.
  3. Another window will display with the Client User Agreement form inside. You will also see a Print Display Box display soon after. Click on theOKbutton to continue and print the form.
  4. Close the form by clicking on theXbutton in the upper right corner of the form, and you will return to this webpage.

The above printing instructions should go smoothly. However, if you prefer to write, call, fax or e-mail Behavior Data Systems, we will fax or mail the User Agreement to you.

Behavior Data Systems, Ltd., P.O. Box 44256, Phoenix, Arizona 85064-4256.

Telephone Number:(602) 234-3506Fax Number:(602) 266-8227E-mailAddress:bds@bdsltd.comWebsite:www.bdsltd.com


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