This website presents Behavior Data Systems (BDS) adult automated (computer scored) adult tests. These tests are suitable for client, patient, defendant, probationer, offender and inmate evaluation (screening and assessment). ASSESSMENTSSEARCH.COM

Adult and juvenile substance abuse, violence (lethality), sex offender, domestic violence, counseling / patient intake, defendants, probationers, treatment effectiveness, DUI/DWI offenders, suicide, inmate screening and more. ASSESSMENTS-SEARCH.COM

Approximately 40 adult and juvenile assessment instruments or tests. This website briefly describes each test and provides a link to that test's website. BDSLTD.COM

Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) develops, standardizes and markets approximately 40 automated (computer scored tests) tests for assessing clients, patients, defendants, offenders, probationers, inmates, and others. COUNSELING-TESTS.COM

This website presents Behavior Data Systems (BDS) juvenile and adult counseling testes. Five juvenile tests and eighteen adult tests are presented along with links to five (juvenile and adult) treatment effectiveness tests. COUNSELING-TESTS-SEARCH.COM

An alphabetized list of Behavior Data Systems (BDS) tests are presented. Each test is briefly described and a link takes interested parties to a tests webpage on BDS's website. Around 40 adult and juvenile tests are discussed. DUI-DWI-TESTS.COM

Discusses three (3) driver-related tests: Driver Risk Inventory - II, DRI - II Short Form and the Reinstatement Review Inventory - II. GAMBLER-ASSESSMENT.COM

The Gambler Addiction Index (GAI) is a test specifically designed for gambler assessment. The GAI has been standardized on gamblers. JUVENILE-DETENTION-TESTS.COM

This website presents and discusses two juvenile detention tests: Juvenile Detention Exam and the ACDI - Correction Version II. Behavior Data Systems (BDS) diskette program (www.bdsltd.com) and BDS's online (internet) testing platform (www.online-testing.com) are discussed. JUVENILE-TESTS.COM

The purpose of this website is to introduce Behavior Data Systems (BDS) adolescent, juvenile and troubled youth tests. Thirteen juvenile tests are presented. These juvenile tests include domestic violence offenders, substance abuse screening, treatment program outcome or effectiveness tests, a suicide test, sex offenders, shoplifting and counseling tests. ONLINE-TESTING.COM

An online (internet) testing platform that provides reliable, valid and accurate internet (online) tests at affordable prices. PRISON-INMATE-ASSESSMENT.COM

This website presents two prison inmate tests: Prison Inmate Inventory and the Prison Inmate Inventory v2. The Prison Inmate Inventory is standardized on over 75,000 inmates. Version 2 has replaced the Self-Esteem scale with a Gambler Scale. Applications include prisons (penitentiary or reformatory) and other inmate settings. PSYCHOLOGICAL-TESTS.COM

Lists and briefly describes adult and juvenile automated tests and provides a link to each test's descriptive webpage in Behavior Data Systems website. RISKANDNEEDS.COM

Risk & Needs develops, standardizes and markets automated (computer scored) tests for defendant, offender, probationer and inmate screening or evaluation. SUICIDE-TEST.COM

The Suicide Evaluation helps identify suicidal patients that are at risk of taking their own lives. It provides a second opinion regarding a person's suicide potential. TEST-SEARCH.COM

Approximately 40 Behavior Data Systems (BDS) automated (computer scored) adult and juvenile tests are listed. Each test is briefly described with a link to that tests webpage on BDS's website. This site can save a lot of test searching time. TREATMENT-EFFECTIVENESS-TESTS.COM

Counseling and treatment effectiveness tests are relatively rare. This site presents and describes two (2) juvenile counseling / treatment effectiveness tests and three (3) adult treatment effectiveness tests. Treatment outcome or effectiveness tests. VICTIM-TESTS.COM

Six (6) "victim tests" are presented on this website: four (4) are adult tests and two (2) are juvenile tests. The four adult tests include the Victim Index, Suicide Evaluation, Treatment Intervention Inventory and the Self - Audit. The two (2) juvenile tests are the TII - Juvenile and the Suicide Evaluation. VIOLENCE-TESTS.COM

Adult and juvenile tests are presented. There are six Juvenile violence tests and fifteen adult violence tess. Each test is for a different client/patient/offender population. These tests are also presented on www.bdsltd.com VOCATIONAL-REHAB-TESTS.COM

The Self - Assessment - c is a practical, helpful and sound vocational rehabilitation screening instrument or test. "Version c" is a vocational rehabilitation and client test. The "c" stands for client. WELFARE-SCREENING.COM

This website introduces the Self-Assessment Index (SAI). This welfare - to - work test is also described on www.bdsltd.com. The Self-Assessment Index (SAI) identifies barriers to employment so they can be reduced, treated or resolved. TANF is a welfare-to-work program that might use the Self-Assessment Index WELFARE-TO-WORK.COM

The Self - Assessment Index (SAI) focuses on specific Barriers to employment like truthfulness, substance (alcohol and drug) abuse, work attitudes, motivation to work and stress handling abilities. This is a welfare recipient test that identifies barriers to employment in welfare-to-work programs.