T-Rex Slots

T Rex Slots is another browser-friendly, mobile-enabled slot game. I had no problems running this game on both my Mac laptop and my latest update of the iPhone. It loaded quickly, easily, and without glitches or hassle. This is really important for these sorts of games - imagine a glitch destroying all your winnings. That would be absolutely heartbreaking during a lucky streak and enough to discourage you from your favorite pastime. The graphic game displays on a colorful green plant-dense background to make zoologists and history buffs alike enthusiastic. If you don't like the sound effects or are trying to be quiet, you can even mute the game as you play it. The browser in the corner offers easy game rules for you to go over should you get confused in terms of what you are looking for. I loved the animation graphics, the sound effects, and everything about the aesthetic of this game. This pre-historic dinosaur-themed slot game features twenty-five paylines you can use. You also can easily and effortlessly adjust your line bets using the plus or minus symbols located on the far left bottom screen. To set your desired coin amount, you can choose between $0.01 and five dollars. It's easy to change your bet mid-spin if you want to risk it all for an exciting slot game experience. You can play that on all twenty-five lines to sum up the total of one-hundred and twenty-five dollars even.

However, the lowest bet can still qualify you for the progressive jackpot. This big prize is won at random at any time during your slot pull and is definitely the spin you are looking for. I was finding great success with the T-Rex. The authentically designed Dinosaur eggs serve as the scatter button in this game. This game was developed by reliable online slot gaming company Real Time Gaming, and they always deliver quality with every game they push to its audience. When the T Rex appears on the third reel it doubles your prize - hooray! The pre-historic eggs also trigger other features. When you trigger three or more eggs on the third reel you get a "pick an egg" prize. A fun game of intuition, luck, and chance can leave you wanting more, and feeling great.

The "pick an egg" prize offers up to ten free spins. The T-Rex will offer you more help as well - consuming all the other dinosaurs on the board like some mad cannibal. I watched in delight as it ate up all the unhelpful squares on the screen. With that, it ups your chances by replacing them with T Rex symbols. The other dinosaurs and image icons played on this slot machine include a Stegosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Ankylosaurus, all designed with patches of green, yellow, or orange. There is also a well-drawn volcano, the letters A, K, Q, J, 10, 9 and a prehistoric plant image serve as the other less valuable squares. The letters are even carved in to resemble fossils in the dirt, an attractive-looking and well-crafted detail. With each little bell noise and the rumbling sound of the spinning, I felt as if I had gone back in time to see these giant lizards for myself. I often see the meme - "Why doesn't anyone ask me my favorite dinosaur anymore?" and this game gave me my answer- my favorite is the T Rex because he offers us the most winnings! The top prize in the jackpot is 10,000 coins which are given at random. Still, I appreciate the work put into the T-rex graphic the most - it's fun and exciting, and well animated. It literally dances with joy for you.

The graphics and artwork feature several colorful and well-art-designed dinosaurs that show the casino quality Real Time Gaming offers its online users. I recommend this game for slot game lovers and dinosaur friends alike.