The Three Stooges Slots

The creativity put into this one is outstanding. This game is based on the beloved classic black and white series The Three Stooges. This classic slapstick vaudeville and comedy team is back bringing you supreme winnings. Whoever designed the graphics for this game truly put their heart and soul into this classic Hollywood comedy-themed slot. I was probably the most impressed by the quality of the visual element of this mobile and browser-based virtual game, compared to the other virtual slot games. It features moving video graphics and actual clips from the show.

The Basics Of The Stooges Slots

The animations and pop-out graphics of the character even peer out from beneath the reel board. Honestly, I've never seen the Three Stooges. I've always found films that old carry a semi-eerie quality, so I can't name any of these other characters. I still found as a fan of Hollywood and visual creativity, it has an excellent and entertaining quality. This is an impressive visual game even if you've never heard of these guys. It perfectly captures what was so beloved about the original series and continues the legacy of The Three Stooges. It's definitely a must-play for die-hard fans of The Stooges

How To Play

The minimum bet per line is 0.25 $ and the Maximum is 1.25$. This is your standard five times three slot machine with twenty-five pay lines. Plus a second symbol to reveal a multiplier of times two, times five, times ten. In additional three or more Moe symbols, unlock ten additional games. The other icons include Moe Howard, Man, dollars, auction Hammer, bowler hat, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, movie clapper, movie canister tins, pie, lady. (Is her name truly Lady?)

Special Features

Larry is our last special feature with his being named Larry's Loot. Click on each of the Larry icons to receive cash prizes or free spins. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet. Payline wins are multiplied by the bet per line. The other features include the Moe Money Feature. With that, the player is awarded by anywhere from five to twenty-five rolls along with a multiplier of times two, times five, times ten. The other Wild feature is the Moe Money Feature - Also with five to twenty-five rolls along with a multiplier of times two, times five, and times ten. If the Moe bonus symbol lands during the feature, it is re-triggered, repeating the game. Curly Cash - Depending on how many scatter signs land, players can get 10, 20, and 30 free swirls for 3, 4, and 5 scatters respectively. Just like the previous one, this addition can be re-triggered.

Random Jackpot

The exception to this rule is the random jackpot feature that is a staple in Real Time Gaming software games. They always do an excellent job with online casino-based games - a great job giving one the opportunity to try for free then make small bets to warm up the beginner slot machine enthusiast or the seasoned slot machine gamblers.

Real Time Gaming Offers Quality Once again

Overall I recommend this slot game. It ran without glitch or bug on both my mobile phone and an Apple computer. You can play without committing to betting to warm yourself up to the game, then make real money back from the comfort of your own home while celebrating Hollywood's comedy legacy. I would definitely play this virtual slot machine again!