Caesar's Empire Slots

Caesar's Empire Slots is is a historically themed slot about one of history's most famous, infamous, and scandalous couples of all time. By that I mean the legendary Cleopatra and Julius Caesar's love affair that changed the history of Rome and Egypt forever. This epic was developed by Real Time Gaming Software. Their love story, along with Mark Anthony, is a story that's been discussed for ages and has expanded out to the history of the world itself. The glamour, the scandal, the flame of Cleopatra, one of history's most infamous beauties. This wasn't just a love affair, but a power struggle between two powerful empires. When Cleopatra became Pharoah, no one knew the impact it would have on the world. Cleopatra sought absolute power in Egypt and did all she could to achieve it. However, Egypt at the time was facing economic failure, famine, immense debt, and poverty. They realized they'll need the help of Rome to bring them back to peace and prosperity. Cleopatra prepared to seduce Ceaser to enlist his help. Caesar, a man thirty years her senior - seems to have been instantly drawn in the alluring Egyptian Queen. After succumbing to her seductive charms she finally had the military support of the Roman Empire. Cleopatra and Ceaser even had a child together! Then, of course, there's the additional love affair of Mark Anthony - the Roman general seeking power and Queen Cleopatra.

Display, Gameplay and Software

Caesar's Empire Slots developed by Real Time Gaming has beautiful graphics, with classic details. The five by three reels are displayed against the collusion - yes the legendary coliseum where lions fight, men were sacrificed, great warriors battled for the emperor. Get ready to battle in the coliseum yourself with this epic video slot! You will not be disappointed with the ease of gameplay, the sound effects, and more. Down displayed at the bottom of the screen is the line bet button, surrounded by up and down arrows to increase or decrease the number of lines you bet. There's also the button for the amount you are betting, which also is walled in the increase or decrease arrows. This is so you can change your betting amount. The other buttons feature an autoplay button, so you can auto spin without manually spinning each time. The final button is the manual spin button, for your traditional gamer. This game is designed for easy and effortless gameplay and customization of your bet. It also runs very smoothly on both of my devices, a necessity for these online video slots. So I checked out how smoothly it plays on both my mac computer and my Apple iPhone. I can confirm it runs well on these particular devices. It didn't glitch, freeze or reset from what I've observed. Still, make sure to play a free game first on whatever your device is before betting money. Real-Time Gaming Software, however, does a good job developing the technical aspect of their software almost always.

Graphics and Symbols

The graphics of this game are well crafted for the theme, but not overly obnoxious, The color scheme of the board is well designed, and well-packed with the sand tones, deep red, and browns that the roman empire would make you think of. The board itself is set in Rome, not Egypt despite Cleopatra being the main component of this epic story. The sound effects of this classic board make it a fun, and interactive experience. As I said above, on this five-by-three reel board there are twenty pay lines. Within this game there is a free spins feature, scatter wins, wilds, and most great video slot features offered by this company. This reel includes many creative symbols, my favorite being Cleopatra. Cleopatra is depicted in the stereotypical way, a beautiful woman covered with gold and thick eyeliner. It also includes Caesar himself, depicted in his youth as the ruler of Rome. Another symbol includes the legendary roman warrior coliseum, matching the gameboard background. It also includes an ancient warrior's helmet, and an ancient roman warrior's shield If you recall from the theme of this game - this is about Caeaser helping Egypt with his soldiers. The other icons include the symbols K, Q, 10, 9, J, and A. It also depicts a cute bowl of colorful fruits. Cleopatra - the queen of beauty and seduction herself giving you the most rewarding symbol on the entire board. You get times five thousand your line bet for five Cleopatras. Wild does not have a payout value on this board. Caesar is the wild and substitute for everything. He can pay up to one hundred times your total bet for five of a kind. He also activates a time three multiplier.

More About Gameplay Itself

The base game plays efficiently. These slots are decent for wagering. The Wilds and Scatters are decently active and can pay one hundred times your total bet for an identical five of a kind. The wild plays the role of the scatter to activate the free spins feature. To activate the free spins, you must land a wild Ceaser on any reel, one, two, three, or four. in addition, you must also land a coliseum scatters symbol on reel five. After this occurs, you are awarded ten free spins, and times two multiplier. Besides that, when a wild substitutes a combo, your win is multiplied even by a times six! Also, the wild symbols grant additional spins, which means you'll get one to three extra spins whenever wild lands on the reels during the free spins feature.

Summary Of This Slot

Overall, I loved this classic slot adaption. I thought it was easy to play for both high betters and low betters, experienced video slot operators and none experienced slot operators alike. I loved all the features. Ceaser, Cleopatra, and the coliseum are all designed cleverly and it gives you that vegas slot machine feeling even online. The sound effects, the graphics, and the triggering of the bonuses and wilds were fun to play. The format was easy, and not confusing in the slightest. The theme is creative, historical, and relevant to the current culture of betting. I would recommend this slot for slot lovers with a lot of experience in video slots, or slot lovers just starting out in the landscape of virtual betting. You'll be satisfied regardless because it gives you that classic casino thrill in a classic and familiar package. It's an effortless success and I highly recommend it. Real-Time Gaming yet again does a great job with their video slots!