Cleopatra's Gold Slots

Have you ever wanted to escape to ancient Egypt? I'm sure you have, who hasn't fantasized about the rich, exotic land of the ancient Egyptian desert. The gods and goddesses, the pyramids, the king's tombs, and mummies. These images have filled the imagination of people all over the world for ages. The Egyptians were beautifully decorated people - from their headdresses to their golden bands, winged eyeliner, and long elaborate black hair. Both men and women alike believed their bodies to be a temple. Cleopatra is known as one of the planet's greatest historical beauties and greatest seducers. Portrayed countless times in media, movies, music, and more she continues to offer creative inspiration to all forms of media. Making this a perfect theme choice for the consistent and reliable company, Big Time Gaming, the virtual slot video company that never fails to deliver fun, easy boards that never fail to enchant, entertain, and more. So get ready to fight for that Egyptian gold, rich and alluring as it can be. The seductive Queen Cleopatra leads you on a journey through her slot machine game as you compete for riches of your own, in a creative way that transports you to the unknown and mystical land of ancient Egypt. Cleopatra’s Gold is a five-reel, twenty-pay line video slot developed by the programmers at Real Time Gaming. The details in this game are beautiful - like the hieroglyph Egyptian carving details on the pop-out help screen that might bring you back to when you first learned about the mystical Egyptian culture.

Game Display And Graphics

The game display and graphic gameplay are great. I checked the software in itself - I made sure it ran smoothly on both my Mac computer and iPhone. I didn't want any glitching, bugs, or freezing while I play. Still, check it on your device using the free game mode before you make your bets - it's just wise. I can attest to the fact Real Time Gaming has a reliable programming reputation, however. The actual navigation of the game was excellent as usual. To the very far left of the screen is the bet button. It's surrounded by arrows that increase or decrease the amount you choose to bet. To the right of that button is the auto-play button. I recommend this button for the more experienced slot player. It will continuously spin for you and can be stopped at any point. The next button down the row is the lines button, which also features arrows to select the lines or deselect the lines at will. Further down than that is the manual spin button, if you want to supervise each and every spin, this is the button you should use. At the top of the screen rests the random jackpot, which I'll get more into later. It also displays how many lines you have selected towards the top.

Betting And More

You can select many options for your bet, ranging from 0.01$ cents to 5 dollars per line. That means your maximum bet is a one hundred dollar wager. These line betting option are $1.00, $5.00, $0.25, $0.50, $0.10, $0.05, $0.01, $0.02. The symbols in this game include Cleopatra herself, beautifully done up in her iconic fashion. An Egyptian cat statue - worshipped as gods in this ancient culture. An Egyptian Ankh symbol, A pyramid, An Egyptian all-seeing eye symbol, some sort of statue I can't exactly pinpoint what it is but sort of resembles a cobra. It also features letters and numbers. A, 10, J, Q, K, 9.

The Symbols Of Egypt And The Glory Of The Pyraminds And Cleopatra

All symbols pay left to right except the scatter. The scatter symbol is the pyramid, and that pays out on any line. Wins on different lines are then added. The scattered wins are added to the line wins, and the scattered wins are multiplied by the total bet. The line wins are multiplied bet your bet per line. When three or more scattered pyramids appear on your screen, you win fifteen free games! That's fifteen more winning opportunities with this feature is triggered, which is definitely far from bad in terms of odds. While you are playing the fifteen free games, all prizes won are tripled, which is exciting! At the same time, if you get three or more scattered pyramids during the free games, you win an additional fifteen free games on top of the free games you already won. Free games are played at the fixed lines and bet that the player initially put in, so during the free games feature you can't adjust the winnings. Now, A Real-Time Gaming viral slot isn't complete without the progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot can be won at the conclusion of the game. The progressive jackpot wins are added in addition to your other wins. This jackpot is triggered at random, so keep your eye out on the progressive jackpot. You never know when you may hit it. The maximum win per paid spin is fifty thousand times your bet per line. The beautiful Queen Cleopatra is our wild substitute. Two or more Cleopatras is an automatic winning combination. When that happens your prize is doubled by the almighty Queen. Now just imagine if you got more than two Cleopatras! You'll be swimming in riches as if you yourself are Egyptian royalty.

Summary Of General Opinion

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this Queen Cleopatra-themed slot. Real-Time Gaming does a beautiful job with these classic and historical type slot themes - the wilds and bonuses were fun to trigger. The free game options and the multipliers were beyond excellent. I think this is a great video slot for someone who is trying out this sort of thing for the first time. It brings you that classic vegas casino vibe, as well as being based on something fun, interesting, and visually stimulating. Those who love ancient Egypt and those who maybe don't feel as personal about ancient Egypt will find something enjoyable about this, be is the free spins and bonuses and more. All hail Queen Cleopatra!