Crazy Vegas Slots

Crazy Vegas Slots
Viva Las Vegas, baby! Las Vegas is known for many things - escapism, bright lights, showgirls, magicians, iconic shows. Perhaps some iconic and famous faces pop in your head when you think of Vegas. Or maybe you just think of the gambling and big winnings, the glamorous tall sky scrapper casinos, and the escape from it all. Vegas is the vacation destination only rivaled by Hollywood, and even then, I think people go somewhere like Vegas for a different reason. This game based around Sin City is sure to get your blood pumping with this fun and animated theme. This game is starring an iconic and familiar face to us all - the king of Las Vegas himself, the legendary Elvis Presley hosts this crazy game! Yes, see Elvis in all his glory - his shiny leather suits, his iconic slicked-back hairdo. His curled lips and wiggling hips. He's sure to bring some melodic, rock n roll excitement to this otherwise mundane slot game. Play along to this Vegas Elvis-themed slot to transport to a time where Elvis ruled the Sin City Strip in all his fried peanut butter and banana sandwich-themed glory. This game has many perfect aesthetic and design touches to it.

The Visuals

The Crazy Vegas slot machine contains five reels and twenty slot machines. The animation is quite cute - the way this particular slot is stylized is almost a digital cartoon. Big eyes, cute designs, and more. It is outlined with neon palm trees in the corners, outlined in twinkling lights to give you a Nevada desert gambling aesthetic. Displayed above the letters "Crazy Vegas" dance across the screen in a playful way. It looks just like the font you often find in those gift shops in Vegas on those keychains, nameplates, decorative pillows, or other tourist goodies. In the corner digital decorations are skewed about. There is a jackpot sign smack dab in the middle of the board, with two neon arrows pointing tauntingly at it. Below the neon palm trees and jackpot sign is a line of signs with different options. This is the Real-Time Gamings standard, effortless and simple slot format. I made sure Crazy Vegas played well on my devices - my Macbook and my iPhone, but make sure to check and ensure it runs smoothly on your devices - whether it's Android or something else. You want to make sure it works efficiently before betting money. Of course, Real Time Gaming Software company has a good history with this - probably because they know how crucial it is that it works without kinks or bugs. A screen freeze, even a random reload, or just broken graphics could potentially destroy your winnings otherwise.

Slot Machine Layout

Located on the far left is the betting line - the graphics are a perfect classic Vegas throwback. Here you can change the price of each bet you make, moving it up or down depending on the price of your bet. The coin size options are vast and wide. They're 1.00, $5.00, $0.02, $0.50, $0.25, $0.10, $0.05, $0.01. Next to that is the lines button - there are twenty lines on this board. You can navigate them to turn on and off, so you choose how many lines you want to bet at once. Next to that button displays your overall bet. Since the largest you can bet on this line is five dollars per line, your total maximum bet is one hundred bucks, which can turn into winnings pretty fast should you be so lucky! Next to that is a "win" button that proudly displays your winnings so far. Then further down is both an autoplay button, sitting at the top slacking on a traditional spin button. Autoplay is more for experienced Slot Machine players, just make sure to supervise the lines as you use autoplay. You don't want to miss out on big savings! The symbols on the board are very visually appealing. My favorite icon is Elvis - he has sunglasses, the classic Elvis hairdo and gives you an encouraging thumbs-up. It also includes a crazy vegas logo symbol, which is designed like the traditional Las Vegas sign. It features a Big Bonus symbol, a free spins poker chip, a roulette table symbol, a beautiful showgirl symbol, cold hard cash, and more. All the symbols are designed to look visually and aesthetically Las Vegas in all ways.

Scatters, Wilds And More

The logo sign works both as the Scatter and the Wild symbol of this game. To trigger the Free Spins Feature, you must land three scatters anywhere on reel four, three, or two, should you be so lucky. The symbols then spin, revealing a random multiplier value, as well as the number of free games you've won this round. Do your best to remember that values displayed on the third and second free spins symbol should be added to the overall number of free games available. The value displayed on the third Free Spin symbol stands for the multiplier value, but suffice to say this feature cannot be re-triggered.

The Big Bonus

Another important feature in Crazy Vegas is the Big Bonus Game. This game is activated only when two Big Bonus symbols land on both the fifth and the first reel, at the same time. Once you trigger that, you will see a wheel of fortune with an outer wheel and an inner wheel. With these wheels, you have to set them in motion in opposite directions, then stop them manually. The values are shown on both of the wheels towards the end of the spin, and that will represent the bonus coins you won during this game. The best potential win is 300 coins, which is not a huge amount, but remember there is also the progressive jackpot at the top of the board. This can be randomly triggered at the conclusion of any spin, regardless of whether it was a winning spin or a losing spin.

Overall Game Summary

Overall, I recommend this game for those who want the Las Vegas gambling experience without the plane ticket and exhausting travel. The graphics were great, the theme was fun and I really enjoyed it in general. Elvis himself would be proud of a Crazy Vegas video slot like this. It's a definite way to capture the fun of a trip to Las Vegas without the time or money required - plus maybe win big enough to take an actual trip- who knows! This was a visually stimulating Las Vegas adventure that can be had right in the comfort of your own home. I know your average gambler who might have warm, and fond Vegas memories might find this virtual slot particularly enjoyable. I am happy to say Real Time Gaming doesn't disappoint often if they do. The vintage quality of the graphics is a plus as well - they're cute, well done, and fun. Definitely a great game to pull up on your laptop while watching the movie Casino at the same time for an all-around Las Vegas mini trip. Remember, what happens in virtual Vegas stays in Virtual Vegas. The showgirls, Elvis, and others would agree. Plus, the Big Bonus, the scatters, and the wilds. Not to mention, the ever-alluring Progressive Jackpot always makes this game of chance a breath of fresh air for virtual slot machine lovers. This game is totally exciting for both high rollers and low rollers alike with love and affection for Sin City.