Crystal Waters Slots

For me, the ocean has always held a sort of mystery to me. The ocean in itself, the magical, widespread blue depths that seem to expand in a sparkling cascade of magic. Not to mention, the many sea creatures who live inside of it - creating a giant ecosystem many of us humans never experience up close, only on television documentaries or in books about the splendor of the ocean. Crystal Waters is just that - a celebration of the magic, serenity, and peace the ocean brings creatures from all walks of life and all types. Who doesn't have a fond memory of going to the beach? West coasters like me will be especially fond of this slot, you will taste the ocean salt, the fresh air, and the hot sand beneath your feet as you walk through this virtual video slot. Real-Time Gaming does the best job with its cyber betting themes - making them fun, enjoyable, and universal for people of all ages, and all walks of life. The fact of the matter is, almost all of us find water soothing in some way - even those who can't swim would be tempted to sit and stare at the sun setting gently on the crystal-clean ocean horizon.

The Display and Game Function and More

This game is an aesthetic masterpiece as usual. The backdrop displays cutely designed digital clouds, sitting gently in the baby blue sky. Besides those fluffy clouds, you see ocean shores - bringing you to a tropical getaway. You see the tall green palm trees on both sides, the thick rich forests, sandy beaches, and more. The actual five by three board itself is underwater. This slot board brings us the virtual experience of aquatic fish life. Down near the bottom is colorful coral reefs - displayed in pastel pinks, light greens, and dark greens. Other plants and more decorate down towards the ocean floor. At the very top, you see the logo itself is underwater, "Crystal Waters" is displayed in a swirling, ocean-like yellow font. This font continues onto the board, each normal letter symbol is bubbling and swirling from being submerged underwater. Down near the left corner we have a stalk of multiple buttons controlling several different functions on this board. One button is the line bet. This virtual slot offers several different line bets. $1.00, $5.00, $0.25, $0.50, $0.10, $0.05, $0.01, $0.02. This means the maximum bet is one hundred dollars in total, betting five dollars on all twenty lines. You can use the arrows to choose the price of each bet. Another stacked button is the one that activates each line, as I mentioned above, you do not have to bet on all twenty lines if you don't want to, and you also use the arrows to increase or decrease the number of lines you have operating within the game. Down below that, it displays your total bet. You can customize the amount you bet, and the number of lines as much as you want throughout the game, as long as we are talking normal spins, and not anything else. The middle button displays your total wins. The button right of the total wins is all the spinning options. One of them displays a coin icon, and this icon changes the rate of pay. Another is a large symbol that looks like an arrow meets a C, which means that is the manual spin button. Next to that is the auto spin button, on the version I played you could use your spacebar to stop the spins at any point during an auto spin round. Of course, that's up to you depending on both your experience with video slots and how you like to play.

No Technical Issues

Of course - make sure to check this game runs smoothly on your devices before doing a full-out betting round. First, try a free play round and ensure it runs smoothly on your device. It ran smoothly on both my Mac and iPhone, so I have yet to complain about the actual software Real Time Gaming offers. They always do an excellent job crafting games free of bugs, glitches, delays, or freezing - though that could also be determined by how fast your internet connection is. Regardless, I found both the sound, and the graphics ran without any problems on my devices, and I have no doubt it would probably do pretty well on a PC or an Andriod as well. Still, always a good idea to play a free game at first before putting too much cash in.

Symbols, Sound Effects

The symbols displayed in this game are adorable, and features a happy yet, almost realistic looking turtle swimming about, a pink and white cockleshell, a yacht proudly sailing, a school of light blue tropical fishes, a happy animated blue dolphin, and my favorite icon was the dark brown seahorse, as it was a nice touch. It also displays the letters K, A, J,9,10, and Q. I loved the retro audio - when you get three of a kind, a soft old school ocean synth song played that made me very nostalgic. It comes with the traditional sound effects, the coin noises, and more. In this game, The Dolphin symbol is Wild and can substitute for all symbols, except the Scatter to complete winning combinations whenever possible. I was surprised to get three Dolphins on one of my first spins This symbol appeared for me on reel two, and this feature only appears on reels two and four. The Wild will also add an x2 multiplier to all previously won winnings.

Scatters and The Progressive Jackpot

When up to three, or more scattered Yachts land anywhere on the reels, you will be generously awarded with fifteen total free spins! During these won free games, the bonus fish may appear on the third reel to add a multiplier between these wins, which can be somewhere between times eight and times two. Like most Real Time Gaming virtual video slot games, this features a lucrative Progressive Jackpot. The Progressive Jackpot - which sits temptingly at the top of the board can trigger at random towards the end of every spin. Like most Progressive Jackpots, the higher you bet, the higher the odds of striking big and triggering this jackpot


Overall, I absolutely loved the Crystal Waters virtual slot. It's a universally loved theme, bringing pure joyous feelings to the user. My favorite details were in the graphics and their sounds. I loved the theme music, it had a vintage game quality that was endearing and hypnotizing. The graphics - such as the jumping dolphin was another favorite that kept my eyes glued to the screen. My second favorite symbol without a doubt was the seahorse, which was a creative addition. I think this slot would be good for slot users of all varieties, whether you bet low or high, you are sure to have fun on this crystal clear underwater-themed adventure.