Derby Dollars Slots

Derby Dollar Slots greets you with an epic and standout image. It's a man racing across the field, the wind on his skin and his body in a tense position. He wears navy blue racing gear, goggles and has an electrifying intensity surrounding him. Before the rise of the automobile, we often associated horse riding with another time, a time of adventure and chaos. In this time in history, back when our most reliable source of transportation was horseback it was really showing for both the quality of human life we experienced on the planet long ago and how drastically our lifestyles have changed since then. A few of us likely have ridden horses as a kid, but only a rare couple get to experience true derby horse racing games. Growing up I often associated derby racing with elite culture, unaffordable to someone who was raised like me, far away from any horse racing culture. Horse racing, or rather derby racing for that matter seemed to be marked as a game of privilege in modern times and in olden ones. My closest experiences were cartoon parodies or something similar. Sometimes, you'd see horse racing on television and hear about those who lose or gain money wagering on their winning horse. This derby horse racing board, developed by Real Time Gaming is designed to give you the encompassing experience of derby racing right from your own home, or wherever you would choose to play.

Graphics And Design

In derby dollar slots you're playing on a derby track in itself. Beneath the grid is the wide-ranging green racing field. This is supposed to be the field in itself the horse's race on. Another hint to that is the white fencing, perfectly mimicking a derby horse track. The green pops out in the background beneath the grid. In the distance, you see the beautiful and simple country landscapes expand out with tall trees bushing out like broccoli tops. The art of betting at a derby track often involves traveling out to a far country landscape. This is after all an ancient art form of racing, that began in the seventeen-hundreds and continues to this day to enchant and mesmerize the derby audience. Also in the board background, you can see the stands that host several fans and bet makers looking to win big money on their winning horse. Betting on something that also becomes an immersive experience for the audience is appealing universally. It's a memory, it's something to do that's unusual and it's a very old game, and an old artform involving the gambling many of us love in modern times to this day.

Glitches And Buttons

First off, this game played without glitches or bugs. It didn't freeze or reload itself, and it worked on both of my devices which are a MacBook and iPhone. It's always a smart idea to ensure the graphics and technical aspects of the game run smoothly, which it did for me. The board is laid out in a convenient and easy format for most users to navigate. At the top left corner of the board, there's a large gold sign that displays your current balance. To the right beside that sign, is a sign that reads how much you are currently betting. Further down right from that displays your winnings, which is slightly larger than the betting sign. Finally at the corner top of the board on the right displays three stacked button options, reading cashier, options, and back in order. The board displays a grid that is five by three, with a standard twenty betting lines. Down below there are further options, a golden help button resting in the far right corner. Besides, that is the bet button, In this place, you can adjust the minimum or maximum of your bet using the arrows placed beside the bet button. Next to that in the middle of the board, at the bottom is the autoplay button. This button is for experienced players who don't like to manually spin and it can be stopped at any point during the game. Next to that button on the right is the lines button, which is the only other button with the adjustable arrows. With this button, you can add or subtract the number of lines you are betting on at one time. Finally, on the furthermost right of the board is just the manual spin button for those who want to keep an eye on every spin and trigger it themselves.

The Reels

The reels themselves have several gorgeous graphic symbols. One of the standout ones to me is the regal lady symbol, she rests looking refined and wealthy with a traditional pink sunhat, One would presume the sun is to keep it on out her eyes while she watches the horse race, and follows expected stereotypes of the audience members you would see at such a horseracing game. Another symbol is a derby racer himself from the load screen I described earlier. Another symbol includes a golden derby coin with a horse head, which I assume is some sort of derby betting token. Another is a binocular, used to spy on the horses from the stands. A beautiful horse in itself obviously makes a good symbol on this board. Final symbols include a cup, jockey, and the letters and numbers K, A, J, 9, 10, and Q.

Wilds, and Bonuses

In this game, the horse acts as the wild symbol and substitutes all other symbols on the reels, this excludes the scatter symbol. It pays out the maximum jackpot on the base game, only when you have five of the total symbols on the wins. The coin in this game is the scatter symbol and it'll activate the game's free spins bonus rounds. To activate this bonus round you must be able to land between two and five of these coins. Depending on the number of coins triggered on the reels, you will win between five and twenty-five bonus games. During these free spins, your winnings will be tripled! And should you trigger additional horse and coin triggers the symbols will be added to the reels! In addition, with the coin symbol, you can also retrigger more respins within the free spins game. Remember, the other great feature of most Real Time Gaming slots is the Progressive Jackpot which is available at the end of each spin and can be triggered at random at any time on the board. The jackpot increases depending on your bet amount and how long you've played.


Overall I found this game to be really fun! I loved the theme and bonuses. I thought reviving derby horsing for a virtual video slot was genius and I would recommend this game to most slot fans and even newbies.