Enchanted Garden Slots

As a child, I often imagined running away to my fairytale place. A place with unicorns, and other mystical creatures that served as my escape from reality. I held onto that hope that the world could be that beautiful and unpolluted, and that somewhere on this planet lies enchanted places no humans dared to step their feet. Fairytales have been a part of the world since the beginning of the world itself. We've always been captivated by magical creatures or at least the prospect of natural creatures. They hold a special place in the heart we all possess deep down, beneath our adult cynicism, our realistic and groomed thinking, and the bitterness and loneliness being an adult sometimes make you feel. Some of us, often still long for that fairytale place. We long to believe, certain places on this green confusing planet, are enchanted. Could an enchanted garden be real? Where small fairies, unicorns, gnomes, and elves secretly existed in their own tiny ecosystem separate from this planet's societies? Many of us would like to imagine a world like this existed. So we often seek out games, movies, media focused on such things, because we have an unconscious drive to be in touch with the innocent and pure inside of ourselves

The Board Design

Enchanted Garden Slots is a colorful, fairytale virtual video slot developed by Real Time Gaming Software. It's a five by three reel, displayed on bluish grayish hue tinted deep and mysterious enchanted forest background. Spin for winnings surrounded by tall, ancient trees, their thick bark trunks and long roots bulging out from the prosperity and care of the magical creatures who cared for such mystical trees. The forest background is a mysterious, alluring addition to the board, bringing an ethereal quality to even the subtle detail of this game's background. This board is a visually stunning piece of art that also doubles as a fun video slot game. The board is a silver and purple lined metallic design, portraying an otherwordly graphic quality using subtle details. The background for the icons themselves is a black, shadowy void. At the very top, in plated metal letters it reads your current game balance, focused in the middle top of the board it displays your bet. Then, on the far right, it displays your wins! Down below that is the Random Jackpot in the center of the board. Down below on the far left is a red button, displaying the bet icon. It's surrounded by two arrows on either side, used to adjust the maximum or minimum of your bet. Down on the right from that is a yellow button that displays an autoplay feature. This feature is so you can auto spin, for users who just want to study the board as it spins. This autoplay feature can be turned off or on at will. Third down the board towards the right displays a red "lines" button, which is also surrounded by arrows to increase or decrease the number of lines you have betting at one time. Finally, furthermost down is the green button on the far right is the manual spin button if you want to be more careful and studious with your spins rather than auto spinning.

The Gameplay

This board has twenty pay lines, and the graphics on this board are exceptional. One of the symbols is an enchanted garden in itself, displaying a beautiful fountain surrounded by trees and colorful enchanted forest details. Another beautiful graphic is the unicorn, his background a blue circle as if the unicorn is a cover model. His white mane flipped over in the perfectly angled picture. Another picture is a deep red firefly, it appears to be preserved in crystal, but maybe that's just the background. Another symbol is multiple colored butterflies displayed beautifully within the reel. It also includes the letters K, A, J, 9, 10, and Q. What I loved about even the less valuable reel symbols is they still included beautiful decorative detail. The way the vines climb up and around each letter displays a unique elegance. The other memorable icons include a sparkling crystal gem with merged purple and blue colors, and the blinking fairy princess, with green hair and moving wings, was a nice touch.


This game's graphics and actual software ran smoothly. It didn't have any bugs, I have no problems playing it on both my laptop and my cellphone. I always check for glitches using a free game to ensure quality and security. This game has an excellent betting range like most games from Real Time Gaming. You can bet as little as 0.01 coins to 5.00$ which makes your potential maximum bet one hundred dollars. I found this to be a reasonable range for most adults, with excellent payout potential. The various bets include $1.00, $5.00, $0.25, $0.50, $0.10, $0.05, $0.01, $0.02.

Wilds And Other Features

The highest paying icon displayed on this board is The Unicorn. This magical creature pays out a fantastic five thousand coins when you get five unicorns in a winning combination, because of this, the potential winnings per bet is a high 50,000 times your line bet. The Fairy Princess appears on all reels apart from the very first reel, the fairy substitutes all other symbols apart from the scatter symbol. When you trigger this symbol, you receive times two your wins when the fairy substitutes a winning combination. You can trigger a total of seven free spins whenever you get The Fairy Princess symbol on reel one and the garden on reel five. During these Free Spins. Noticeably, some symbols have a Firefly symbol in their background. Three or more of these Firefly symbols when appearing randomly on the board will award the player three retriggering free games. During this, all prizes are tripled during Free Spins. The only rule is you can't retrigger this feature during bonus rounds. Most Real Time Gaming games have an excellent feature called The Progressive Jackpot. The Progressive Jackpot can be triggered at the end of any spin, at any time. It's completely random and the amount in which The Progressive Jackpot goes to increase based on whether or not you bet high, however, it can still be triggered at any time even with low bets.

Game Summary

In conclusion, this Real Time Gaming enchanted fairytale escape from reality was fun, easy to learn, with excellent graphics, sound effects, and overall great paying quality. It was an absolute treat to play this game. I loved the motion graphics, and I loved the Wild icon in particular, and the focus on the magical fairy theme throughout this game triggered so much escapism and buried down childhood feelings. I think those who bet high or low would enjoy this game regardless of their virtual slot machine budget.