Fame and Fortune Slots

The Fame and Fortune Slot by Real Time Gaming is the Hollywood-themed slot I've been looking for during playing these video slot games. First off, I've always fantasized about being famous for pretty much my entire life. While the glitz and glamour might be an illusion, everyone loves to play into this illusion. This game follows the journey of a young and beautiful actress and her journey through the film industry. The blonde, well-manicured, perfectly painted one represents your typical starlet - you see them everywhere in LA. The prettiest girl in town moving to the big town of Los Angeles with hopes to hit it big in Hollywood.

However, Fame and Fortune are not so easily achieved. After all, nothing worthwhile ever came easy to anyone. Fame has many trials that come with loneliness, criticism, and secrets. The stress of making it is unrelatable to most, but most don't understand having a dream as strong, potent, and passionate as acting. An actor is one of the most used and abused of entertainers. So as we follow our heroine through this journey, I bear that in mind when I began this slot game - that this slot was based on something darker than it appears.

The graphics of this slot are glamorous and appealing to the imagination in many ways.

The symbols on the reels are well detailed, well crafted artistically and include; our glamourous starlett, or officially called glamour girl, Hollywood Stars from the Hollywood walk of fame, an Oscar - the most coveted of all the awards, a fancy, retro and beautiful red vehicle, the iconic and legendary Hollywood sign that peers over all of Los Angeles in the hills, a valuable diamond and a selection of high scoring Poker symbols. These symbols include 10, 9, J, A, Q and K!

Design and Layout

This Fame and Fortune game lie against a deep red-curtained backdrop. Each letter is a sleek and shining color. At the top of the board there are letters displaying your balance, your bet, cash, options and the back button. Down towards the corners of the board is the help symbol, which when pressed open up for instructions and help with the general gameplay. Next to that displays the bet button, here you can adjust the size of your bet using the arrows. In the middle of the board is the autoplay button. This button is for more experienced players looking to autospin, while doing other things. You can enable or disable this button at any time, so it won't continuously autospin.

Next to that is the lines button. This button serves its purpose to turn off or on the twenty lines displayed during this game. The last button is the spin button, used for manual spinning if you want to be more careful with your spins and do it the old-fashioned way.

Now, the selected coin sizes lie between $0.01 and $5. This means you can bet all of these options per line, 0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $0.02. You don't have to play all twenty lines if you don't want!

Wild Features, Scatter Features

This game features a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and more. The first thing you should know is that our beautiful starlet is the wild button Thus, you should hope for her beautiful face on a lot of the reels to increase your fortune.

Our glamourous starlet replaces every other icon on the board, except the scatter symbols. She will also double any winnings that she participated in creating. She can only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels.

The elusive goal of the 'Fortune' Star and of course, the "Fame"' Star can trigger the games free spins feature!

When this is triggered, you will receive ten free spins. This is rewarded to the players who manage to bring up the "Fame" star on the first reel, and the "fortune" on the fifth reel. Seem too specific? Well that's the way of the business baby. It actually gives you a decent shot at the first. spins. During the first five free spins, the winnings you receive will also be doubled! During the next five free spins, the rewards are then trippled. The star will guide its way. During this game, any additional scatter symbols added to the reels will be in the form of a diamond. The Diamond Scatter is a real treat, as it can pay out a times one hundred total bet multiplier. This rewards you an additional ten free spins on the game, if you trigger three or more symbols on the screen.

Summary and Final Remarks

Remember, all Real-Time Games offer an excellent progressive slot payout. This can be triggered at any time. Overall, I highly recommend this game. It was fun, creative, colorful, with a cool concept. I would play it again.