Field of Green Slots

Football fans will rejoice at this virtual video slot. If you want to feel like your team just received a touchdown, hear the roar of the crowd as hundreds of people cheer wildly as the man next to you throws his popcorn in the air, scattering it around the seats, jumping up and pulling the fellow or lady next to you into a celebratory platonic hug or high five, this is the game for you. Football brings people together in ways almost no other sport does. Sports fanatics will be drawn to this virtual slot, a perfect simulation of an actual football game. Taste the leather of the ball and the dirt beneath your sneakers as you rush the field. You'll feel the sweat beneath your helmet and the ache in your bones. Many boys and even some girls grow up with the fantasy of being a professional football player. I believe it's one of the reasons so many take their love of football into adulthood Some even go ahead and play it professionally or semi-professionally, most play at some point in their life. I can't think of a more universally appealing slot machine theme than sports, and football might be even more beloved than baseball.

Slots And More

Field Of Green is the perfect twenty-slot, five-by-three-reel virtual slot game made for sports fans. The board itself is designed very creatively. The background is a wide, football field within an arena of clear light green grass. It perfectly mimics a real football field to immerse the player in this game. This game is perfect for those who live, breathe, eat and sleep football. You can see stands of thousands of your screaming fans in the background, losing their minds at the prospect of a touchdown and feeling a brotherhood between their fellow neighbors they may have possibly never felt otherwise, a brotherhood that is championed together by the smell of hot dog stands, fountain sodas, beer, and sweat. Football isn't just a game, but a culture and a lifestyle bringing together people from all walks of life. Above the fans, near the blue and orange saturated sky is a large silver advertising blimp welcoming you to your game, it floats above the roaring crowd filled with your adoring fans. The board is set up in the effortless and perfect format Real Time Gaming uses often because it's simple to use and devoid of flaws for most users.

Display and Set Up

On the top corner left of the screen displayed the jackpot sign, in its black and yellow glory. The board itself rests in the middle and resembles the monitor fans observe the scores on during the game, bringing an authentic quality to the board. Down below there are several buttons. The far left of the screen displays the betting line. It's surrounded by two arrows that decrease or increase the amount you bet. Conveniently next to the betting sign and arrows, is the button to control the lines. The line button is also surrounded by two arrows, used to turn on and off individual betting lines. This is so you can choose how many lines you would like to bet per spin. To the right of the lines, the button is a giant bet button, this button just displays how much you are betting at that time. On the furthermost right screen is both the spin and auto spin buttons stacked on top of each other. The auto spin feature is for experienced slot machine players or those gamers who want to carefully study and observe their winnings but play fast. You can stop the auto spin feature at any time during play. The other button is just a traditional manual spin button for those who want to trigger all of their winnings themselves. Your slot betting ranges from anywhere from 0.01 coins per line to five whole dollars per line. This means the maximum machine betting potential for using every line together is one hundred dollars. This makes every bet you could make per line $1.00, $5.00, $0.25, $0.50, $0.10, $0.05, $0.01, $0.02. I found no technical problems in how the game operated, it ran smoothly and without reloading or freezing mid-game. Real Time Gaming software once again proves to have a solid technical and creative team.

Board Symbols

The symbols on the board include a silver game whistle, a drink that resembles a beer, a game helmet to be worn by the player themselves, a football player himself (the teams are none specific) Another symbol on the board is the essential football in itself. The visuals also include a blue foam finger to cheer on one of the teams, the coveted game trophy, as well as an attractive long-haired girl in the audience, or maybe she's supposed to be a cheerleader. This game will appeal especially to male sports fans. Other symbols include A, J,9, 10, Q, and K. The letters are random colors, as far as I can tell this game doesn't cater to any particular sports teams as to appeal to a wide variety of football teams.


Now, The Wild Symbol in this game is the golden football trophy. In this game, The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except for the scatter symbols. When one or more of these wild symbols appear in a winning combination, your initial bet is then multiplied by times two. Now, The Scatter Symbol in this game is The Football. This means two or more scatters pay right to left or left to right. Three or more scatter symbols activate the Field of Green Bonus Round.

Bonus Rounds

The Bonus Round is fantastic and is activated only after three or more scatter symbols appear from right to left, or left to right. This awards you a number of footballs. The amount is shown on the bottom of the screen towards the bottom. You can use these footballs to kick through the field goal. Use the "kick" button to successfully kick a field goal. Should they be successful prizes are awarded to the player. Five, ten, or twenty-five free spins can be awarded, or you could win credit prizes won at five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred times to the total rager per field goal! Remember, the Free Spins feature is activated after the Bonus Round has ended, and only if free games are awarded during the said bonus round. Prizes are multiplied by times three during free spins. These features cannot be retriggered.

Final Thoughts On The Game

In conclusion, I think football fans, in particular, will love this slot. It offers an excellent bonus game plus an endearing theme for hardcore sports fans and I recommend it whether you're betting big or small.