Funkey Monkey Slots

Funky Monkey has one of the most humorous, creative, and original themes offered by Real Time Gaming. In this Slot Game, we have a funk-based, Seventies music game surrounding several funk-loving monkeys. Join them as they shake their monkey butts to the hottest disco and funk beats of another time and offer you great winnings and bang for your buck. I thought the theme, the name, and graphics of this game were so charismatic and fun. The game is played on a cosmic backdrop with a music-themed overall game. As a musician myself, this might be a personal favorite because it plays to a passion of mine - plus the silliness of it all is always appealing. I promise you'll go bananas for this music and monkey-themed slot game! The graphics are cosmic and seventies - as someone who grew up with hippy parents it brought me back to a simpler time of music, love, and wicked fun bass-slapped drum machine funk. The funkiest of the monkeys enjoy this game - and you will too. This game is the traditional Real-Time Gaming five-reel, five by three to be exact. It offers twenty colorful reels that can be turned off or on at will. This game features a wild substitute symbol. It also features ten times multiple free spins feature! Plus a progressive jackpot, and a bonus game.

That Monkey - That Funky Monkey!

Firstly, and importantly this game ran smoothly on my devices - my mac, my iPhone, my mom's windows computer, and my sister's android phone. It's important to check and make sure the graphics run smoothly on whatever device you decide to play on - before I start any slot game I ensure this because I don't want to face the nightmare of the game erroring and myself losing all the winnings. The art features several monkey musicians - a joke to me because I'm well versed in the nature of musicians. These monkeys play various instrumentals - one of them is the drummer and his instrument of choice is bongos. Another is an avid and enthusiastic keyboardist. Another favorite of the images for me is the banana guitar - a creative addition to the board of visuals. These monkeys are award winners - hilarious, they have a gold record on the wall.. They collect vinyl clearly - as that's another one of the icons. There's a monkey logo, a funky logo, Q, K, A, J, a Car, 9, 10. Using the arrows on the board you can adjust the coin size, moving it up or down at your leisure. The coin size can start off at a measly $0.01 per pay line to a robust five dollar per line. This allows you to bet between $0.01 and one hundred dollars per spin.

Cosmic Graphics from The Funk Master

The Funky Monkey wearing a red hat, sunglasses, and crazy teeth is the game's funk master - aka the desired Wild symbol. This symbol can replace the usual wild icons in the game, increasing your chances of spinning a winning combination. However, this icon cannot replace the Funky Logo, Banana Guitar, or Monkey Logo. To stumble onto a win in this Funky Monkey Slot game several things must happen. One of those is you need to have two or more matching symbols on one of the activated pay lines. These symbols must be adjacent (left to right) to each other on the reels. The Monkey logo and The Funky Logos are required to trigger the free spin features! I always love Real Time Gaming free spins. To win you must trigger both the Monkey logo and the Funky logo on the game's fifth reel. After that, it will bring up a screen where the monkeys offer to play a song for you. You generously select one of the monkey musicians. The audience reacts to the performance and the more the audience is enjoying the monkey's tunes, the more free spins you can win. So you better hope that monkey is in the zone! The maximum number of free spins received is twenty-five. Remember, both the Funky and Monkey Logos will act as additional Wild symbols. They will be able to replace every other symbol, excluding the legendary Scattered Banana Guitar.

The Random Jackpot And More Reasons I Loved This Slot

No matter how big or small your bet, you still have the opportunity for the random jackpot which can go off at any time. The random jackpot starts at a low one thousand dollars and only goes up from there. The random jackpot can go off whether you're winning at the slot or losing at the slot - so that's what makes the slot worthwhile! The jackpot is always ticking away at the top of the screen.

Conclusion - The Dance Of The Funky Monkey

Overall, for music lovers, monkey lovers, and casino slot lovers! This game offers a boatload of gambling fun. I thought the graphics were great, and more importantly, the music was adorable and the performing fun-loving monkey's cheered up even the most dismal person betting because their life is on the rocks. It's hard not to smile when you reach those bonus rounds and get to select between monkey musicians for you. It's a hilarious satire as well - musicians can be both brilliant and idiotic. Somehow, their intelligence or lack of doesn't seem to affect their ability to tune into the rhythm that flows beneath the earth and in us all. This is one of my favorite games from Real Time Gaming and I actually prefer it to the more popular game of a similar theme - these monkeys are truly funky and they let you know so without apology.