Golden Retriever Slots

What can we say about man's best friend? Dogs are your friend no matter what turmoil or trouble you might be in, in this rollercoaster called life. Besides their adorable, sappy, and gentle smiles, their caring, attentive, and intelligent energy, or even just their sloppy good morning kisses! it's hard not to love dogs. Their reputation for loyalty, love and even anxiety relief is long-standing with most people around the world. The golden retriever is probably "America's dog" in every sense of the word, having a long-lasting and widespread reputation for being loyal, loving, kind, and obedient. Dogs can help us solve murders, sniff out undesirable substances, protect us from a stranger intruding on our property, and more. This theme is perfect for pet lovers, especially dog fanatics. These furry creatures aren't just animals to many folks, but they're family members to others. We raise them from being young pups to adults to even loving them in their old age. Whether it's playtime, or maybe training time golden retrievers never fail us. How can you resist their adorable wet noses and whimpers as they beg to sleep with you at night? For lonely folks all around the world, a dog can be a beacon of hope. The Golden Retriever Slots board is unbelievably cute and adorable. The background displays brightly colored, old School animation showing a playful dog's paradise. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a dog park or a backyard, but it's easy to imagine a happy little golden retriever pawing around back there. The cartoonish bright blue sky displays an array of clouds in the distance, making the user feel like they're in a spring paradise. You can also see the dog's fence with greenery slightly growing up the wall. More details displayed further in the background include several green cartoon trees peering out from behind the fence.

Reel Symbols and Display

This game is from the perspective of a pampered pooch in their beloved backyard. This slot has a total of twenty betting lines and is on a five-by-three slot machine format. At the top left corner of the game is a sign that displays your balance. Next to that is the conveniently located bet button, is a sign displaying the amount of money you're rolling with. Next to that is the giant win button that takes up a majority of space towards the right of the screen. Near the furthermost right at the top of the screen is a few stacked buttons. it displays the options, cashier, and the back button. Below this navigation, tools display is The Random Jackpot button. Down towards the bottom of the screen is a plethora of buttons to operate the game. Real Time Gaming does a great job with the technical aspects of their slot games, making it easy to use and figure out for users of all experiences. In the right corner of the screen is the help button, you can click that for further game instructions should you get confused during any part of the game. Next to that is a colorful bet button. This pink bet button is surrounded on both sides by two arrows. Use the arrows to increase or decrease your bet during gameplay. In the middle is the auto spin button. The auto spin button is useful for experienced slot players who don't want to manually spin. Be well aware you can shut this feature off at any point during the game. Next to that is the black and blue lines button. This button also has arrows beside it to help you navigate and turn off and on the lines that you choose to bet. The last button to the far right of the screen is the manual spin button, the most simple button on the screen should you choose to trigger your board each time yourself. This display is absolutely adorable. The letter font for the none image-based reel symbols are very playful looking and styled similarly to how other dog-based companies or businesses usually display themselves. There's something playful, and child-like about it. The letters displayed on the board are 10, 9, J, A, K, Q. The lady dog symbol is absolutely adorable. The cartoonish dog has pink pigtails for ears and long feminine eyelashes. The reels also display a brown and blue dog house, and a green dog bowl full of water. Other reel symbols include expensive-looking diamond dog collars, a diamond bone. With these symbols, I can assume this lady dog likes to live in the lap of luxury. Of course, the other notable reel symbol is the Golden Retriever.

Bets, Jackpots

The minimum slot bet is 0.01$ cents and the maximum bet is 5.00$. This means if you bet on all twenty lines you can bet up to one hundred dollars. This makes all the total bets $1.00, $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $5.00. The wild symbol in this game is the golden retriever symbol. This wild doubles every winning combination that it is involved in. It gives you a payout of five thousand coins, which is then multiplied by your line bet. You receive this when you hit five of a kind lady dogs.

Wilds, Scatters and More

The Golden Retriever Wild is the lucky feature mode you should aim for during gameplay. Scatters payout between a multiplier of three times your line bet or two hundred and fifty times your line bet. This also gives you ten free spins. For every win, a pool prize is collected for the main game feature. The golden retriever animation features a dog companion running out to the yard, digging a hole pleasantly, and sinking in teeth into your multiplier. The multipliers include times two, times three, times four, times five, times ten, and even times twenty.

Random Progressive Jackpot

Remember at the top of the screen is a Random Progressive Jackpot, which can be triggered at any time after a spin. Most Real Time Gaming virtual slots offer this fantastic feature and the Progressive Jackpot can go off at any time during the game regardless of the size of the bet, however, the jackpot size increases depending on how much you invest into the video slot.


In conclusion, I think this game is perfect for dog lovers, and general virtual slot lovers. The bonus is great, and if you feel like dogs are lucky for you, you might strike it big on this virtual slot. I love how the wild substitute animation plays out when you strike it. The graphics are cute and the concept is beloved, colorful, and cartoonish. It has more of an old-school quality to the look and feel of the game that brings the slot nostalgic energy.