Green Light Slots

Are you an avid lover of racing games like me? Some of my earliest gaming memories involve racer games, staring at the shining cars in awe and imagining myself as a speed racer. We all imagine what it would be like to speed down the freeway with no dangers, restrictions, police. We all have the innate desire to engage in risky behavior - and I would say those who play Real Time Gaming Virtual slots most likely need a little edge in their life to keep alive and happy. So put your foot on the pedal and speed down the track with this video slot game. This familiar gaming format is beloved around the world for a reason. Racing games might of been one of the first gaming softwares to ever be developed, one of the most beloved and longstanding with a rich legacy and history, similar to slot machines. Bringing the racing game concept to the slot machines was a brilliant idea. So put your pedal to the medall with this video slot for thrill seekers, This married together two long standing international thrill seeking passtimes: slot machines and racecars. I cannot emphazie enough the brilliance in this concept choice as a lifelong game fan myself.

Hey There! Speed Racer

The speed racing circuit in Green Light is a designed on a particular standard and familiar reel, the five by three setup that offers players the deluxe twenty racing lines on which they can win various cash or coin prizes. There are checkered symbols on these lines, like the iconic racing flags the collective consciousness is highly familiar with.It is a nice detail added by the developers - they are more than often above average on these sort of graphic details. They definitely have some talented artists working at this company. Get ready to live the glamourous racecar lifestyle with this slot game! Fast living, admired, dangerous - that's your name, don't wear it out. Now, I ensured this software ran properly on both my celluar device (an Iphone) and my laptop (Which is a macbook) both showed no signs of glitching, erasing, randomly reloading, or freezing. There were no graphic glitches, the sound effects didn't freeze up and were pleasant. In the world of online gambling, that should be of the upmost importance because if the player is on a roll, and it is completely erased by a glitch, that's the kind of discouragement that might stop them from ever having fun on a slot ever again.

Racing Lines, Coin Slots

Now it offers you a total of twenty racing lines. There are several different coin sizes for these indivdual racing lines, $1.00, $5.00, $0.25, $0.50, $0.10, $0.05, $0.01, $0.02. You can adjust your bet size with these arrows. Like a lot of Real Time Gaming Software games, with five dollars being the maxiumum bet per line, and the fact there are twenty lines, the maxiumum cash bet is one hundred dollars. However, that one hundred dollars can go a long way in terms of earnings.

Graphics, themes and more

This game is something, because while lapping on the racetrack you can collect great prizes such as one thousand coins for winning shiny racing trophies, plus another thousand coins for drinking champagne. I wish I was paid to drink champagne in real life! . You can even earn an extra two thousand coins for drinking that champagne with blonde models, showcasing the lifestyle in all of its glory. You'll earn up to five thousand coins when you get in the car, and when the green light flashs on, its time to race through bonus city. Hope you have your helmet on.

More Gaming Specifics

Green Lights will trigger up to two hundred times your total bet should you get three or more lights. This feature additionally will also trigger the Green Light Feature in which you start by selecting one of five slickly designed vehicles to race around the track. Now, if you finish in first place, you win twnety five additional free games, second place receives twenty free games, and third place receives fifteen free games, fourth ten free games, and fifth place is five free games. That being said, if you are lucky enough to finish first or second you get the oppurtunity to race in a second race where you can win up to an extra one hundred free games for finishing in first place! plus an extra five games for finishing fifth, should you be a little less lucky. You might find yourself in disagreements with Wild Drivers, but win this disagreements, and these drivers will substitute for other symbols to make a plater of winning pay-lines, and double those prizes.! All prizes won during bonus games are also doubled!.


In conclusion, Greenlight slots is a fun racing, lifestyle video slot experience. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would initally. The graphics, the sound effects, the bonuses and the fun theme make this one of Real Time "