Hillbillies Slots

Picture a warm sunny day, you sit surrounded by nature's streams, tall all encompassing trees, The wooden rocking chair beneath you, it creaks musically as you stare out at ever expanding lands, hearing the soft birds singing and the small animals nearby hunting for their food. It's a simpler way of life, often lost these days by the oversaturation of technology, the ways in which technology has seperated us from humanity. However, technology can be a tool to take you somewhere else, and that's the case of this game by Real Time Gaming. A small nod to the classic sitcom depicting the beverly hillbillies, this theme offers you a sense of warmth and comfort like no other. The hillbillies slot review is a rual family themed slot, located in the deep south with a tabacco spitting, deep fried loving, classic poor southern family. There are so many normal families around the world who likely find this relatable - as compared to other Real Time Gaming software slots where it's more. This slot is as generous, heart warming and caring as the main characters who serve as the game's conductors, guiding you through this game with a smile and some homemade lemonade from their southern wood made porch. Play this game as your loving pets, an adorable pig and a loving dog peer up from beneath the board. In the background the landscape extends into rolling green hills

Betting Small Or Betting Big

Maybe you're a high roller, looking to bet big and win bigger. Or even more, perhaps you are more conserative, and just want to bet a smaller amount. Whether or not you have a lot to bet, this slot machine has something for you. This "hillbillies" slot offers a variety of bets. The displays design is easy to follow and offers well crafted solutions. In the furtherest corner of the screen is a blue "help" button. Beside that, is the handy dandy bet arrows. You use the up and down arrows to either increase or decrease your bet as it goes. To the right of that is the autoplay button, a button for the more experienced slot gamer who just wants to observe instead of manually spinning, Next to that button is the line button. You use the arrows to navigate up and down, during the lines on and off. So you can choose whether or not you want to bet every twenty lines, or only a few, or somewhere inbetween. Should you decide to play the maxiumum number of lines, you can win up to one hundred dollars per spin! But if you'd rather keep your bets low, you can place as little as one cent per line

Hillbilly Wilds

You can always rely on Hillbillies.They will always give their best effort to increase your winnings. They do this by substituting for themselves for any other symbol. They appear on reels one, the old farmer, three, the hillibilly cowgirl, and five, the youngest farm boy. These will award times two, and a times five multiplier! Luckily when this loving family helps you, they form a winning combination for you. This hillbilly family works together as the scatter symbols. When two more both of them appear on thr reels, they will aware you eight free spins! Everything you spin on those particular reels will then be doubled. The only exception to this rule is when the hillbillies appear on the reels during the free spins, they multiple the triggering bet. Times two, or times five. This depends on which reel they appear on. if the free spin two times multipler doesn't work, you can assume that's why. The bonus prizes brought by the hillbillies will combinate with the other wins. Amazing, this cool feature can even be retriggered! This slot has many great features. The free spins, the hillbilly multipiers that disappear and reappear throughout the entire game. It even offers fireworks, exploding in a multi-colored sparkling haze of winnings. Of course, with many Real Time Gaming software slots you can win the Progressive Jackpot, which sits temptingly at the top of the screen. This jackpot is- as usual- completely random and triggered during random spins of the game - good spins or bad- winning or losing, there's awlays the chance to win this jackpot. In additional to that, the longer you play, the more free spins you can trigger, the higher the jackpot gets. In no time, it's sure to burst

Overall Conclusion

Now, overall to summarize this game I have a few statements. The bonuses are amazing. The graphics are phenomnial. The theme is exceptional, original, inovative and relatable to those american's in the deep south. I loved the family friend message this slot comes with - with this family works together, it makes things happen. A beautiful concept I wish more of the world followed, because maybe we would have a little more peace - or in this families case- more fiancial stability!