Incan Goddess Slots

Incan Goddess Slots
The Incan world has long been an exotic culture that continues to captivate the imaginations of folks around the world every day, Every symbol, design and detail of this game has been inspired by the ancient incan culture. You are guided by a beautiful incan goddess, her almond eyes, her long black mane and carmal skin decorative in shimmering ican gold. This game forces you to dive into the ancient kingdom of Cusco- and I don't mean from the place from the movie the Emperiors New Groove.

The reels include educational symbolism authentic to history. It features Q, 10, 9, J, A, A mystical incan temple, K, the guiding Goddess, Jug, gold Jewelry and more. The graphics in this game are semi-flat, but make up for it with the interesting theme. Ths might be one of Real Time Gamings best works from a purely aesthetic, and historical signifcance. I would compare it to another Real Time Gaming slot machine based on achilles, the ancient hero that appears in Homers epics.

This is a similarily historical themed piece. Us folks trapped in the modern age can't truly imagine what it was like to live in these advanced, and pheonmonially glamourous societies. I say that with a grain of salt, knowing there were no computers, no toilets, and no modern stores to get our food and water from. As you play this slot, your imagination might run wild picturing the beautiful inca gods and goddess. The ancient mouments and hand crafted golds. The incan influence the goddess will have on your winnings will truly uplift your spirit.

Firstly, the graphics ran pretty smoothly on my devices. No glitches, no bugs, no anything that would potentially reset your game should you be on a winning streak. I always check this out for virtual slots, but Real Time Gaming is pretty reliable for that part of the game almost always.

I also thought the graphiics themselves were beautifully designed. I especially loved the details of each picture and particularly the goddess was given special attention. Incan Goddess is a five reel and twenty pay lines video slot game with a traditional five by three reel design. Like most RTG slot simuators. It includes; Multipliers, a Scatter symbol, a Wild symbol, a Free Spins round, A Double up Feature and a Progressive Jackpot.

At the start of the game you should select the better amount suited to your budget and desires. Those can start from $0.01 cents as a placed minimum bet on all 20 lines, but if you are a high roller, you can really go for the gold and set each line to five dollars, making your total bet one hundred buckets. The great thing about slots is you can't really bet too dangerously or wildly, but you can win back such a substantial amount for the amount you have invested in. Plus you know - the incas were known for being quite mystical and prophet, maybe their pyschic magic will bring you some winnings as welll.

,The beautifully designed Inca goddess brings good fortune serving as the wild, as she helps you form winning combinations by replacing all other signs, with the exception of scatter symbol. She also brings you free spins!

The scatter simple is the Mesoamerican temple, I'm assuming the temple dedicated to the goddess. This Incan pyramid will also bring you fortune. Two or more appearing on the reels pays out, but I'm delighted to say it serves to trigger a few of the games special features. Now should you be lucky enough to strike three or more of these symbols in any position on the board, the reels will reward you with twelve free spins on the game. Now, any additional winnings picked up during the bonus free spins round will be doubled. But to make things even more fun, if you received helped from the inca female deity, then your winnings will be quadrupled! You can also re-trigger the feature.

Now, those are pretty awesome bonus features for a stunningly designed game, but Im delighted to say there is even an additional winnings. If you spin and trigger a winning payline combination of the same five symbols, you play one of RPG's best bonus games the Double or Something feature. You will pick a button for the chance to double your winnings. It's a high risk one out of two chance game. If you choose correctly, you can double your winnings. If you choose incorrectly, you just receive whatever your original winnings were.

Overall, I recommend this game for many reasons. The bonus rounds are exciting and fair. The design is beautiful. There;'s just something kind of iconic about playing a game with the goddess overlooking your winnings. It's a breath of fresh air to our modern world. The incan world seems to bring good fortune because the multiplers, and wilds and the random progressive jackpot make this game completely worth it.