Jackpot Pinatas Slots

Jackpot Pinatas Slots

Nothing was as exciting for me as a young one as going to a birthday party where the parent spreed for the pinata. It was never exactly about being mexican for me - til I moved to Los Angeles and understand the beautiful complexities of their culture, food and traditions. I have so much respect and love for their culture. I'm hoping someday to visit Mexico myself - so I found this game delightful, uplifiting, culturally educating, fun, colorful and well designed.

First off, the layout was simple, direct and to the point. Real Time Gaming Software does a great job with this every game I play. The first thing I always check is the software in itself - whether or not the game glitches, or if the numbers reset. I do study the numbers to see the winning potential in the demo version first. I would recommend this for anyone looking to bet on virtual slots. I'm happy to say this company has excellent flash programming. At least, it was compatable with both my mac and my iphone. The coin size is 0.25$ with a maxiumum bet of five dollars. You can adjust your bet using the arrows. Up at the top the maxmium jackpot is displayed to motivate and offer temptation to the player. I have vivid fantasies of hitting a pinata and cash falling out - I think I even dreamt about it the other night. This is the adult version of how phenomnial a pinata was at a childhood birthday party.

Pinata Jackpot Pinata's Deluxe is a fiesta of mexican fun at your fingertips. This will be your favorite new mexican party slot game, because it definitely is mine. For me, it could only be improved if one of the slots also offered a margrita icon - but that's perhaps not wholesome enough. It brings party flavored slot fun to the pleasure of your own home. As I play this during the pandemic, many of us don't have the money or resources for plane tickets to go on that beatiful vacation to Mexico? Sink your toes into the mexican sand with this Real Time Gaming slot gem. So instead of hitting the piñatas with a stick blind folded and scrambling to the ground for candies, hit that piñatas and scramble for that cold hard cash.

This game is a five reel, twenty pay line. The imagery on this board includes Musical dancing marcas, majestic Mandolins, Royals, a festive Star Piñata, The coveted jackpot Bull Pinata, the traditional and old school Sombreo Pinata, an adorable Dog Pinata, and the Rose. You would need to hit multi-line winners to receive a payout.

Now one of the most important features is the Pick Bonus Feature, With this feature, if three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on all the reels, it will trigger what I mentioned above, When three Sombrero scatter symbols appear you have to make the descion between picking. Now, you have great chances with this because any two sombrero scatters will reveal prizes. These prizes include miltipliers - but the really lucky ones will reveal a bonus round mid pick me feature. During this round, you will be presented with a "pick an option" window once more. It goes on continiously until no more bonus round symbols are displayed. I thought the bonus mini game was of excellent graphic quality, aesthetic quality and gave you good odds.

Another award you'll be looking for is the Free Games award. After picking your Bonus, in the Pick Bonus feature I mentioned above you are awarded anywhere from Twenty-five, fifteen, ten or even five free games. This can be retriggered as well, which means you have multiple chances to play the jackpot Pinatas Deluxe game for free as long as you land enough scatter symbols on any reel. I would consider this a good game for the conversative gambler because of that. The potential to keep going with free games for a good length of time is above excellence.

Overall, I consider this virtual slot game an excellent choice for low rollers and high rollers alike. If you ever wanted to dive into the world of slot machines, and have an affinity or love for mexican culture this is a great virtual slot to try out. You can play for very little or bet higher should you choose. It will transport you to the salty, desert shores of Mexico or the humble cities. You'll feel like you're wandering through a decorative flag filled mexican tree, smelling the delicious and authentic tacos, tamales, Pozole, tacos, al pastor, tostadas, chiles en nogoda. In america sometimes there's not a wide awareness of the beauty of Mexico. The culture is warm- rich and all encompassingm vibrant and passionate. This game can give you your own little piece of Mexico wherever you are