Lions Lair Slots

Lions Lair Slot is a roaring good time and I absolutely loved it! It's themed to make you feel like you're roaming and lost in an african safari, peering through the tall hot grasses with your fellow felines. If you're longing for a wildlife, free of societal constructs and want to dig your paws into an exciting game from the trusting online Real Time Gaming Software virtual slots, prepared to be impressed and drenched in the savage summer heats. If you love lions and lionesses as much as I do you'll look at this feral betting experience! You are scanning the pride of Africa looking for these wild creatures! You are playing the slots against bright green African long grass. It's cartoonish, but not like a caricature of an obnoxious cartoon for two-year-olds. The quality of the animation is endearing enough to attract those who are young at heart, as well as those with a love for the beautiful and ferocious large cats of the world!

The Basic Layout

The first thing about a slot's basic gameplay I always check out when I begin any online betting game is to checking the consistency of the software - whether or not there are bugs, glitches, or if my page will randomly reload. I personally have a lot of anxiety, so I don't want to make bets if the game is going to glitch and erase my winnings. I'm happy to report RPG does an excellent job at ensuring their software is steady, and their games run fairly well on both my Mac and my iPhone. I can't speak for android or windows, but I suspect it runs smoothly on there as well. Its controls run evenly and are well crafted. There is a button with the arrows to adjust the bets either lower or higher. It features a spin button located at the bottom, the information about the jackpot is located at the top of the screen. RPG gaming is great with formating their virtual slots to make them easy to figure out if you aren't terribly experienced with online slot games. So put your feet up and enjoy the fiercest undomesticated cats of Africa as they guide you through the exciting and unhabitable lands of the wild. This game is phenomenal like most slots from Real Time Gaming. I believe this game will be appealing to a wide variety of slot lovers - from your low rollers to your high rollers - there's something for everyone.

The Rules and The Paylines

To start out with the basics, you're able to play up to twenty pay lines and can choose from several coin values ranging from 0.01 to 5.00$ The lion is the slot’s wild symbol. This lucky long-maned lion appears on reels one, three, and five. It substitutes for all other standard wild symbols. Whenever the golden-maned creature helps you win, it doubles the size of your prize! The lion's lair is the scatter symbol - land two or three of these anywhere on the reels for a payout equal to one or three times the size of your total bet! - an excellent feature. The scatter appears on reels two, three, and four only. This ups your chances and makes betting a lot more fun - that's for sure. When you win the lion's Lair, you're generously given a total of twelve free spins to use. There are three multipliers: times two, times three, and times five. Each one of these is used for exactly four spins. The feature can be retriggered. Now, most Real Time Gaming slots offer the fabulously and lucrative progressive Jackpot. The jackpot is added to for all the bets you make. On any random spin during your lion-themed adventure, you stand a chance of winning the ever-growing jackpot, even if your spin doesn't produce any wins whats so ever. Imagine you think you're losing, then wam, you win big! Guess you won't have to go to work tomorrow. Remember during the free spins round, there are multipliers on every spin!

More Lion Lair Goodies

When at least one Lion appears the prize is doubled. The Lair is the Scatter. If you choose to play the free slots you can win potentially twelve free game. Remember the Scatter Lair appears on reels two, three, and four. The free games prize multipliers appear at the top of the screen.. The highest paying symbol is the beautiful queen Lioness, tons of coins may be won with five Lioness Symbols! In nature, female lionesses often live pretty dependently on the male lion, but in this series, the lioness brings her own meat to the table. She doesn't need anyone to hunt for her. Maybe she took a few lessons from the female tiger for this slot. Now, one of the best features of every Real Time Gaming slot machine is the bonus rounds. This unique bonus seems to be triggered fairly frequently - or at least it did when I played it. When you trigger this elusive bonus you are presented with the mini-game in which you pick the sequence of the multipliers for your twelve spins won. The choices given are times two, times three and, times five. Each gives you four spins at the selected multiples once.

Overall Statement

Overall, my review of this game is as follows: fun, fast, cute animation, and everything you could ever want from a virtual slot game. I recommend this game for new players, old players, and lion lovers alike.