Achilles Slots

Achilles slots is a greek mythology-themed casino slot game online mobile game. You can play both the demo or bet to win big on the real version. It's based on both the story of Achilles and the epic and legendary city of Troy, as well as the general Ancient Greek mythological war stories. Achilles slots meaning if you get Achilles wild, you'll find the city of Troy's weakness and win big! Achilles is known as the reference when you hear about an "Achille's heel" aka a reference point for our weaknesses based on the greek legends told by Homer. He is the greek author and epic poetic who told the legends based around this game. The story of the Trojan horse is of course a war technique where they hid soldiers in a horse - the symbol for the city of Troy as a peace offering. But despite this, little did they know, hidden in the hollowed-out horse body were several soldiers waiting to infiltrate the once imperishable stone-walled city. The mobile casino game is filled with clever metaphors for the slots in itself. The wildcard is achilles himself who blinks when you win like every good mobile casino game. The Trojan horse is the 3rd highest paying symbol in the game. The highest paying symbol is of course Achilles himself. Troy, the city is the scatter symbol. Look out for the two free spin bonuses in the game, called the Achilles feature. You can even do up to 100 dollars per bet should you choose.

This game was created by Real Time Gaming, so check out how much you have in your savings account for fun and get ready to win big, and double your money. This company never shorts itself on the quality of games. You are playing on a far away greek island with pixelated ocean water beneath the gameplay screen. It gives off a pleasant historical aesthetic that expends the gamers' imagination while he or she tries to win big. It has five times three slots with twenty lines. There is a selective jackpot sign at the top of the screen against the brilliant ancient architecture of Troy that seems to go off randomly. The picture icons include the Trojan horse, a greek princess (perhaps the lovely Helen of Troy?) a shield, and a historical flag of Troy and the city of Troy in itself. The rest of the icons are numbers and letters such as K, nine, J, Q, ten. I believe the numbers and letters are scripted in the original Greek style. I highly recommend this game for mobile casino slot machine lovers, it's worth every penny you'll earn back while having fun.