Aztec's Treasure Slots

I really enjoyed this Aztec Treasures Slot online game. This game will transport you to another time and place - a more ancient and mysterious time of treasure-seeking and dense rainforest winning. The maximum bet is one hundred dollars. The graphics are very retro- reminding me of a computer game I played growing up. It made me feel nostalgic for the early era of the internet. This is still of course a mobile casino slot game. This has five reels and three slots featuring these old-school graphics. When I played I noticed the three highest paying symbols only require a match of two to win. The best payout is thanks to the Aztec queen who stares at you studiously through your mobile phone, tempting you with big winnings. Five matching Aztec queens are a great sum of winnings. Even one queen symbol gets you a small win - she is truly lucky and sacred.

The Jaguar symbol - which reminds me of Lisa Frank's art sticker I would have put on a notebook in the 90s (I mean this affectionately) is the second-highest valued symbol. The win lines are adjustable, however - depending on your desire. Now, what is a queen without a king! The Aztec king presents himself as the wild symbol. He only appears in reels two, three, and four. If one or two reels are completely covered with this character you receive multiple wins. The scatter symbol is welcomed to the player as a gold statue. You must have multiples of three to win with this symbol. It also offers you free spins. Imagine receiving one hundred times your total bet amount when you hit five of these icons. Plus, during your free spins games, all your winnings will be tripled. Plus during the bonus round for every Aztec gold statue symbol that appears on your screen, you receive a free spin. There's also the random jackpot feature at the top of the screen - serving a function that means if lady luck is on your side you will receive the jackpot winnings - awesome! Even if you hit a losing spin, there's still the potential of the random jackpot. The free spins can be extended out for a long, long time, so there are more chances for you to win.

The other blinking and vibrant graphics included in this fun and classic game are an idol, a majestic free-soaring eagle, and a golden necklace. You get five fast free spins for three matched gold statues, fifteen spins for four, and twenty-five spins for five. There is a $5,000 max coin jackpot. Remember if you don't want to sit there, pressing the space bar over and over you can also hit the options button and change it to "autoplay" spinning. This game ran effortlessly on both my browser and my phone. Allowing me to play it during all random times of the day - while eating dinner with my family or sitting at my desk stewing in my own boredom. It features the ability to customize your bets which can be adjusted while playing even. It clearly visualizes your balance and winnings in front of you as you play. Start out with demo mode then play the real version betting real money once you get the hang of it. And it's easy to learn - not confusing in any way. I loved the exotic theme of this slot game as well as the graphic design. Overall I recommend this game to both the seasoned mobile slot casino game enthusiast as well as your first-timer. The theme is fun and makes you feel like you're on a Vegas vacation away from your problems without taking the risks involved in leaving your house. All hail the king and queen of the Aztecs and the winnings offered to ordinary people! Thank you to Real Time Gaming for offering us this game.